I went for a walk in the seaside town of Falmouth, Cornwall yesterday afternoon. It was brisk, but very sunny which was a welcome change from the previous 2 weeks constant rain. I was there because I love the ocean and I find it inspiring and inspiration is something I am currently seeking and finding.

ocean and inspiration

I love the ocean

I walked the historic, cobbled high street which is filled with antique and bric-a-brac shops, taking in the wonderment of their goods on display and not really thinking much else.

On the way back down this ancient street I was suddenly struck by the voice of this amazing busker. I had already passed several of these on the way up the high street, but none of them had stood out. Now I am not a talent scout (Although I usually pick the winner of X Factor from the early stages) but wow, her voice was incredible.

When she had finished I went over and asked her whose song it was that she had covered. She told me it was her own song, one she had written herself. This added to my admiration of her singing.

Anyway, I left and carried on my way, looking for somewhere to enjoy some famous Cornish cream tea and scones. After a few minutes looking, I felt compelled to go back and talk with her.

So I did. Her name is Holly. I told her I wanted to blog about her so would she mind if I took her photo, and that I was a coach. As we chatted, it became apparent that her belief and self-confidence we’re not as high as they could, and should be. I reminded her of this as politely as I could. She agreed.

(I did take a video clip of her singing but unfortunately the quality will not do her justice so I am not uploading. I do hope she gets her Youtube channel up and running)

The Voice

Tonight, funnily enough, as I started to write this blog at my sister’s house, I overheard Paloma Faith talking on The Voice (BBC 1 UK edition). She was telling a contestant who hadn’t had a chair turn, that making it in the music industry required patience, hardwork and passion. And that she had played in small clubs for 7 years before she got a break.

Patience is a bitter plant but has a sweet fruit. German Proverb

I agree with Paloma. But not just in the music industry but in anything we want to become a success in.

Holly Can go far...if she really wants too

Holly Can go far…if she really wants too

I would also add that belief, self-confidence and compelling goals are also vital ingredients to creating and then living our own awesome lives.

Patience, especially today when we live in an age where instant gratification seems to be the goal, is so important.

I am sure if Holly applies herself well she could go far. In fact, anything really is possible (Something I mention over and over again through a lot of my blog posts).

So if you aren’t living your awesome life, what is stopping you? If you are already on your path to creating it, are you mindful of the importance patience plays in your journey? I hope so.

And one day, I hope Holly the busker makes it. She certainly has the talent. But Holly, if you are reading this, talent is never enough to get you what you want. As the old saying goes, ‘The graveyard is full of unknown, talented people’. Don’t be one of them.

And to my readers I just want to add that living an awesome life and being awesome in life, doesn’t require that you have to be famous.


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