Are You Struggling to Create or Live Your Awesome Life?

Is there something holding you back? Are you facing a challenge, dilemma or problem and struggling to find an answer? Are you frustrated with this obstacle?

Do you think this could be preventing you from creating or living your awesome life?

Imagine if you had another perspective, a solution or some clarity and your obstacle was removed. How would that make you feel? Would the road ahead look clearer, feel less bumpy?

I am now starting a brand new service called, Ask The Coach. And, it’s free.

Challenge Me, Ask The Coach

Throw whatever it is that you think is stopping you from living your awesome life at me. It doesn’t have to be major; it can be something that is simply niggling you. It can be anything you see that is stopping you from moving forwards.

You may be having a challenge with one of the following:

  • Your work
  • Relationship (s)
  • Finding your life’s purpose
  • What business to start
  • Being missed for promotion
  • Stuck in a dead-end job
  • Anything else

Or maybe you are just lost, confused, disorientated, unclear or stumped for an answer to something perplexing.

So just pop over to my dedicated page, fill in the simple form and throw your challenge at me. I will find another perspective or offer you an alternative solution so you can move forward.

You can remain anonymous if you so wish and I won’t use your real name. Your email will not be shared or disclosed in any circumstance.

Life is really not complicated…however…

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That’s me.

In my coaching experience, I have found that there are usually only one or two things that hold people back from unleashing their full potential. And when they do, their results in life skyrocket. It is also why I have yet to coach anyone (Personal or Life Coaching) for more than six hours – ever!

In fact, I struggle to see why people get coached for 6 or 12 months. Life really isn’t complicated.

However, when we feel we are on stormy seas or see ourselves in the eye of the storm, it can be difficult to think our way out of it.

What is one person’s mountain can be another person’s molehill; and vice versa

Asking a coach is usually better than asking somebody you know. Why? Well for one, the coach usually has experience at these things and know what powerful questions to ask; and secondly, they are impartial.

So why not go the dedicated page (it’s on this site), fill in the simple form and throw your challenge or obstacle at me.

If chosen, I will answer in one of my blog posts. There are also some friendly T and C’s that in this day and age, I am compelled to include. They are at the bottom of my dedicated page.

I really look forward to helping. This service is in line with my Purpose. I offer it for free.

So be brave and ask me your question.

Your Awesome Coach, Author, NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapist (TM), Life Enhancement Coach (Dip)

Rob Hamilton