Work With Me

Coaching for Ambitious People Who Want to Influence, Excel and Make an Impact

There is nothing more satisfying for me than working with smart people who want to improve. The kind of people that know all improvement starts with the self.

I love working with the kind of people that know inside, they can be more, do more and achieve more. They also know (Like all successful people do), that ‘going it alone’ is not always the best, easiest or fastest way to getting what they want.

And I get results for my clients. Big results. I am so confident in my ability to get you achieving, that unlike other coaches out there, I offer a money back guarantee with all of my clients. So far, I have not had to pay one client back.

Of course, you also have to qualify for my coaching before I coach you. Like you, I am choosy who I work with.

Here’s What I do

Breakthrough Speed Coaching

Remove that “one thing” that is holding you back in minutes. Be filled with inspiration, motivation, a clear goal and armed with the self-confidence to storm forward towards what you want most in life or work. A powerful, 90 minute speed coaching session where I use my 51 years of studying people to full effect for you.

Transform Your Life Coaching

Once we peel away your mind’s limitations, you will be free to amplify your results and create the life you dream about. This transformational coaching gives you virtually unlimited access to me. After the very first session you will be feeling unstoppable and overflowing with super confidence. In 66 days your life will look and feel totally transformed.

Career and Influence – Do Work That Matters

I don’t just help you crush it as an employee, professional or entrepreneur but I also give  you the strategies so you can grow your influence and impact the world. It makes sense, considering you spend about 60% of your time at ‘work’ that you do something that is rewarding, fulfilling and pays you what you are worth.

Team Mind Coaching

Employees who are stressed at home or in life will bring this into the workplace and it damages performance. I conduct inspirational and motivational workshops that reduce stress so your employees perform even better.

Please contact for me availability and prices. Workshops are to groups of no more than 25. Anti-stress classes also available.