Now the mere mention of the topic of this blog post my friends, could cause you to abort your reading at light speed. If you are currently living the life of your dreams please feel free to do so. If not, would you mind if I suggest you finish it?

The reason that it compels me to think you may cut your reading short is because this particular item gets thrown around probably more than any other. It gets more written about it than the antics of Miley Cyrus at an awards ceremony. It must be in every self-improvement book ever written and gurus everywhere have it in their repertoire of seminar ‘must have’s’. It is indeed in my own book, Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results albeit it is not the first chapter.

So let me cut to the chase and say it. And then you can decide for yourself if you want to carry on reading.

The topic is, belief.

You yourself could be thinking right now, “Yeah, yeah yeah. I know all about belief Robert. And you’re right, I have heard it all before, tell me something new-please!” (And probably followed with an automatic urge to click back space or switch off mentally)

Yet what I find strange is that a lot of people actually ignore this needed quality or don’t actually possess it at all. I coach people, as my regular readers will already know, and I see this trait lacking in abundance-constantly. And it is those clients who are wondering why they aren’t achieving that do raise their eyes and sigh, when the topic of belief crops up.

Their language is the tell tale sign. Many of them are going to seminar after seminar, reading books and listening to audio tapes-yet still wonder why they are not succeeding or getting what they want.

You see, you can go to as many seminars as you like, teaching you how to do this, or how to accumulate that or how to achieve the other-but if you don’t have an entrenched belief that you can actually do so-all that learning is futile. You may have small bursts of success but nothing ever lasting.

To me this lack of belief is quite often caused by the inner critic that resides within. Or in others it can stem from a sense of unworthiness that they are deserving of getting or having what they want. Both of these negate or cancel out any belief they might have because they are stronger than the belief itself.

The inner critic and its’ incessant destructive thoughts and language of the individual not being able to achieve, outweigh how much they they think their goals are possible by a ratio of 80/20. It should be at least the other way round.

I don’t judge or blame these clients incidentally. But because of the reasons mentioned earlier, this word is banded around so much, it could well be people are becoming immune or deaf to its importance. Others mistakenly¬†think they have a strong belief.

The good news is that belief can be built and strengthened. In my book, I speak about cultivating an inner knowing, which I think is a level higher than mere belief. For those of you who believe in God, you may also equate this inner knowing to faith (But hey, as I always say, your beliefs are your beliefs. I am not advocating what I think you should believe).

Nonetheless, belief or an inner knowing in your abilities to achieve, that you are capable of achievement and your unshakeable belief that you do deserve all your heart desires, is the foundation to all success. In fact, you could say it is the very cornerstone of those foundations.

So how do I build it you may well ask. That’s a good question. The first way is to shut the nonsense from that inner critic that causes you to think your goals are not possible through doubting self-talk. Another powerful way is to actually write down what you believe about success, wealth, money, happiness, a great relationship or whatever it is you want, and question them. If they are getting you where you want to go, fine, keep them. If not, you can simply replace them. You certainly need to challenge them if you fill the latter.

In the timeless classic, ‘Bring Out the Magic of Your Mind’¬† by Al Koran, he simply states that you can start to grow your self-belief simply by switching your thinking from “I don’t know what to believe to, I BELIEVE”

And as you may well know, I am a great believer in keeping things simple.

What works best for me is I have an inner knowing that I can get what I want. Sure the odd doubt may sprout, I would say it does in everybody without exception; but I have learned to silence those doubts quickly and replace them even faster with something that actually helps me.

Belief my friend is in every single book I have ever read either as one of the main chapters or the underlying theme running throughout the book. And what is the answer discovered by those authors who were searching for that one, common denominator all self-made or successful people seem to have in abundance? A strong belief. So if it works for the people who have achieved, what makes you any different?

What do you think is possible for you? Do you feel worthy and deserving? Do you believe you can reach that goal, follow that dream or enjoy a fulfilling, loving relationship?

Choose to believe you can or choose to believe you can’t, somebody wise once said, and either way you will be right.