Why Robin Williams, Why?

The sad and tragic news of the untimely, unfortunate and unnecessary passing of comic and acting genius Robin Williams* sent a shudder through the entertainment world this morning. Not necessarily because of his passing, but more so the purported circumstances surrounding it.

Regular readers of my blog may recall that GoodWill Hunting is my #1 film of all time. Robin Williams won his Oscar in that great film. He will be missed for sure.

And this news also set my mind thinking.

There is so much emphasis placed on physical fitness and appearance these days-especially so on outward looks-that our inner peace and happiness seems to be going unchecked on a grander scale. Our mental states still seem to be a taboo subject. I guess everyone is so caught up in their own little worlds of material success, nobody wants to be in the presence of those who will be seen to be pulling us down with their mental frailties.

I suppose we could call it an avoidance strategy rather than a taboo. People avoid others suffering for their own self-preservation. And I don’t blame anyone either. I wasn’t nice to be hanging around with once upon a time.

Happiness levels seem to be decreasing amongst the general populous as time marches on, regardless of more material possessions or shinier stuff we appear to have on the whole too. Although research on this is mixed, the one thing researchers do agree on is that happiness levels are certainly not going up despite these increases in disposable incomes, nicer homes, more gadgets, bigger possessions etc.

And it’s tragic.

My Purpose in life is this: Happiness, Success Fulfillment. And in that order. Happiness comes first.

If we are striving to do what we love and serving others, this naturally adds to our happiness levels. And I firmly believe that if we follow this simple formula, success will follow. Striving only for success and the personal, materialistic trappings on the other hand, does not necessarily give rise to automatic happiness long term. Today’s awful news bears witness to that.

Everything else fades into insignificance if you aren’t happy within. If you don’t possess that state of inner well being, what’s the point? Really?

Prolonged bouts of unhappiness leads one to the slippery, and oftentimes fatal, slope of depression. And in most cases (Generally speaking) what causes the unhappiness? A sense of not being able to achieve what they want to achieve. Goals, dreams and desires are present in abundance…it can be the inability to see a way of making them a reality, the sheer frustration, that can cause the unhappiness.

This in turn leads to stress which causes more unhappiness more of the time which leads those who suffer, subtly by the hand, into depression.

The Pattern or Loop, I refer to is thus:

Unrealized Goals/Dreams/Desires > Unhappiness > Stress > Prolonged Unhappiness > Depression

Yes there may well be chemical imbalances in the brain; but are they caused before or after depression? At what point in the person’s life do these chemicals begin to be imbalanced? And secondly, in one major study, around 74% of people on antidepressants, which are supposed to align the chemicals in the brain, are still depressed after 5 years of taking them? Why would that be if it was purely to do with how the brain functions physically?

success is possible

Doing what you love to do is key to happiness

You may also say that an event from somebody’s past has caused the depression. That may well be so. So wouldn’t the goal for that person be the desire to be free from the influence, feelings and memories of the event?

That said, the first stage of the Pattern or Loop is usually due to a goal or outcome they want to move towards and not away from.

Please Note: I am not a psychiatrist, doctor or even a counsellor come to that, I am a MInd Coach. So these are my personal opinions based on my own experience of suffering severe depression and beating it. I was led to believe that I had a “chemical imbalance” in my brain also. But I also believe the brain can correct itself.

Seeing other people very close to me suffer and my own extensive research of the subject has also forged these flexible opinions.

According to extensive research by WHO (World Health Organisation)  spanning many countries, they predict stress, which leads to depression, is a major health scourge of this century and will explode in the next 15 years or so.

We might well be asking, “Why, Robin Williams, why?”. But just think how many people there must be globally, who are trapped in some stage of this personally destructive Pattern or Loop and those who are already in the final stage? Could we really be on the verge of an epidemic? A mental plague? Maybe.

(Unrealized Goals/Dreams/Desires > Unhappiness > Stress > Prolonged Unhappiness > Depression)

This is why I am soon to be launching my Mind Coaching Club (My regular followers know that I do not usually plug my own stuff on my blog posts).

I focus my coaching on removing the mental blocks that are preventing people from achieving their desired outcomes and dreams; and installing the mind technology that will kick-start them to getting what they want. This causes a Mindshift within and accelerates their thinking from a state of frustration and no hope to one of anything really is possible.

In turn, this brings a greater sense of happiness to the individual. Now they enter a more positive and totally opposite pattern altogether.

(The style of coaching I do interrupts the negative Pattern or Loop fast)

So as I say to a lot of my readers here, one of the first steps to a greater sense of happiness is doing what you love to do. Believe that there is always a way to follow your dream. You may not see the way to those dreams just yet, but the path will become clear the more you develop your focus to discovering and then achieving what you do want to do.

If you aren’t doing what you love to do just yet, think about it. Ask yourself powerful questions. Try not to be overly hell bent on only the financial gains from achievement but how you can best serve others. The money will follow. Start with what you are interested in.

Anything really is possible and there is always a way. Fortunately, I’m living proof of that my friend.

*Even though the reports are still unconfirmed it was suicide, it is still known, according to sources close to the actor, that he suffered depression.

Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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