Well, first of all, if you have been following my posts on a regular basis, I have been on a blog sabbatical for 6 or 7 weeks. But now I am back; although for the most part I shall be doing more video blogs in future.

Anyway, on with today’s blog.

There are probably millions of people on the planet going to numerous ‘How t0’ seminars during the course of the year, spending millions of dollars. Why? They are on a quest to become a billionaire, millionaire, bigshot entrepreneur, find a loving relationship or improve their existing one.

Others are looking to self-improve, achieve greater success or boost some other aspect of their life. I am not going to mention any names of the seminars out there as this is not a post dissing the guru’s that conduct them.

If you add to this the money spent on coaching, mentoring and online learning the amount spent to get more, be more and do more in life, in business and at work now stretches into hundreds of billions of dollars.

And I am not including the amount spent in self-improvement at bookstores and as you know, these sections are massive and billions are spent in there too.

Important Tip: A strong conscious desire such as, I want to earn a six figure income, does not necessarily mean you will achieve it. Your success will be based on what you believe at an unconscious level

So it stands to reason then, that if it all worked for everybody, there would be millions more people making a success of their life, right? So where are they all?

The fact is, that all these mediums for boosting their life in whatever area they seek is simply not working for millions of people around the world. Maybe that figure includes you?

Why the Seminars, Online learning, Positive Thinking, Mentoring and even Coaching is not Working

So why doesn’t any of this work? I mean they obviously have a desire to improve otherwise they wouldn’t spend the money they do right?

I know of many people personally who have attended umpteen seminars, sometimes 4 or a 5 a year (And some who have attended a lot more); others who have taken year-long mentoring programs, personal coaching and who possess a personal development library bigger than most major bookstores, and they still do not get what they want!

One reason for this is they don’t give any one system enough time and they soon jump on to the next shining, alluring promise of millionaire status by a clever marketer. Promising to do it all faster and easier.

But that is not the main reason millions of folk are failing to get what they want

It’s all about Beliefs

Now I know that you can switch off right now and skip the rest of this post now that you have read the big reveal. Why? because your conscious, logical mind is answering. Your conscious self is saying, “I do believe”.

I would ask you not to skip this post because that’s exactly what the millions of people are thinking who are attending these how to seminars but not getting the outcomes they earnestly seek.

Your mind is full of beliefs. You are just one big mixed bag of them. Your outer life reflects these beliefs.

Important Tip: Some beliefs empower you, some stop you from even getting started and others sabotage any progress you may make

Your current and past successes, the quality of your relationships, the money you earn and the money don’t earn; the way your business performs, how you get on in work and even your health, is down to your beliefs.

But it is your unconscious beliefs that are driving your results in life, at work, in business or your relationships or earnings. And it is these unconscious beliefs that determine whether or not you make it.

You see, some of your beliefs are positive and empowering; some of them are destroying you and are downright nasty and negative.

Important Tip: Your unconscious beliefs are the drivers of your behaviour; how you behave (Your actions) determines your results

They simply override all of your conscious desires to get more, be more and do more. And that is why you don’t get what you want.

You may know them as Limiting Beliefs. I refer to them as ‘Stoppers’ or ‘Saboteurs’  because that is exactly what they are. They either stop you from ever getting started, or you get some success and then sooner rather than later, they sabotage your success and return you back to your former position in life or former state (Depending on what you are trying to achieve)

Do you get that?

So it’s not that the guru’s on the seminars are misleading you in any way; on the contrary, the majority of them are giving great advice, mentoring or coaching. But unless they address these limiting beliefs properly their message will not get through long term.

How to get Whatever You Want in Business or in Life

Before you spend another cent on any seminar, mentoring, online learning or even a book I suggest you do the following 3 strategies. You will need a coach who deals with these stoppers or saboteurs. If you do, it will be the best money you ever spend on yourself.

You Must Identify these Unconscious Stoppers or Saboteurs

Everyone says that it is the foundations of whatever you are going to build that is the most important factor. But I say it is the ground where you place the foundation that matters most when it comes to what you achieve. Your beliefs are that ground.

Because these Stoppers or Saboteurs are rooted in your unconscious mind you first have to discover what they actually are. For example, you might think consciously you can earn a great income but your Stopper might believe (Who manages all your finances) that money is the root of all evil.

Some of these “Stoppers’ are so powerful that they instantly reject any thought of progress. This can be more dominant where the desire is to earn more money.

I know people who have attended ‘Millionaire Thinking’ seminars several times over a number of years, yet their income has not increased at all. This is because their unconscious mind cannot comprehend the thought of becoming so rich.

For others it can’t accept that they will ever go from a low 5 figure to a high SEVEN figure income. The jump is just too big. This is why it will automatically reject such new thoughts.

Most people don’t know what is holding them back and this causes deep frustration with a lot of people. Some people come to see me almost tearing their hair out.

Important Tip: Stoppers or Saboteurs live in your unconscious mind silently, steadfastly and obediently driving your behaviour which determines what you get in life.

A superb coach will know what type of questions to ask you whereby your unconscious mind will reveal your unconscious ‘Stoppers’. Your language can reveal these too.

You Must Eliminate these Limiting Beliefs (Stoppers and Saboteurs) Forever

Once these have been identified they need to be banished from your mind otherwise any success you achieve will be short lived.

Again, a great coach will know exactly how to challenge these Stoppers or Saboteurs. I go through each one with my clients and ask them power questions that simply unravel them in minutes. The responses from clients vary from short term anger, tears of happiness to extreme laughter wondering why they ever believed such nonsense for such a long time!

Most clients express utter relief like they have just found their winning lottery ticket.

I really can’t stress enough that as long as these ‘Stoppers’ remain in your unconscious mind the longer all attempts to get what you want will simply fail.

Important Tip: All limiting beliefs have a positive intention. There is no inner enemy.

You Must Install Beliefs of Excellence

If you think of a tree and you were to dig up the roots, the tree would not survive for very long. It is the same with your beliefs. Even negative ones that you have held have been supporting you. So it stands to reason that these need replacing.

There is a small void left if you like that needs replacing.

I install what I call Beliefs of Excellence into my clients’ minds, the number depending on how many they need. I do this consciously (and unconsciously through metaphors, storytelling and suggestive language). This is so they can fully internalise them as beliefs of excellence.

The reason I feel a coach must be present when this is done is because the mind resists change even when that change is for the better. So any doubts or questions about these beliefs of excellence, can be discussed and doubts can be easily overcome.

PLUS – some of these unwanted beliefs have been living inside of you for years. Some can be very stubborn and it can take an exercise to dislodge or dig them up. They can be the main roots if you like.

Important Tip: As soon as your Stoppers or Saboteurs (Limiting Beliefs) have been eliminated you will see a sudden surge forward towards what you want to achieve.

The great news is once these beliefs have been identified, weeded out and obliterated progress is phenomenal. Even prior learning gained from attending seminars or any other form of positive learning, suddenly falls in to place or seems to make perfect sense to the person.

And I know this: Success does become easier; it does last. Whatever the Stopper was holding you back, once banished from the unconscious mind will catapult you forwards.

Look at it like a road to where you want to go. Imagine if the road was cleared of debris, potholes, walls and other obstacles that needn’t be there? How much faster would your journey be? Of course you still have to travel the road but it is far easier for sure.

And yes, there will still be obstacles but now they don’t stop you from achieving. You are better equipped to deal with anything that falls in your way. You are armed with an arsenal of beliefs that will thrust you forward at light speed towards whatever it is you want to achieve.

Your wildest dreams do become a reality.

Anything really does become possible. And you will fully – consciously and unconsciously – believe it!

What do think the benefits could be by erasing these ‘Stoppers’? How do think your life would greatly improve if you had 11 beliefs of excellence driving your behaviour?

If you want personal coaching to banish these invisible ‘Stoppers’  from your life and propel your journey to being more successful, richer, happier or experience healthier relationships then head over to my site now.

It could be the best money you ever spend to self-improve.