I am quite popularly known as The Mind Coach-the guy who kick-starts lives and businesses. I quite often look at myself as the guy you come see first. I eliminate the mental blocks that are holding you back and preventing you from even getting started, which in a lot of cases is the most difficult aspect.

Once I have given you that jump start and your results have vastly improved, you can then go and see the next coach or mentor to continue your journey.

Why am I telling you this? Because this post is about why so many people will never reach earning or making, actively, passively or both-a lofty six figure income. I know how to kick-start people to that level. It’s what I’m outstanding at doing (A little self-promotion doesn’t hurt, right?).

It IS All About Your Beliefs

The psychologist Prescott Leskey believed that humans have an inherent need for consistency (I think it was him who actually came up with the self-consistency theory). He was (mainly) referring to a person’s self-image.

In other words, whatever self-image someone may have of themselves they will live up to it. All of their behaviours will be congruent or consistent with that image. If another image (Thought, desire, belief) is put forward that is inconsistent with the current and more than likely, deeply embedded image, the mind will simply reject it.

Your self-image is really what you believe about yourself. And of course what ever limiting beliefs you have of yourself.

So let’s take money in this context.

My theory, from the 28 years or so I have studied the mind is this;

If the person has a desire to earn more but they own an entrenched limiting belief they cannot, the limiting belief will win.

They can go on as many seminars as they like. Take as many courses as they want. They probably are. But the earnings will not come to fruition for the long term.

There are some cases whereby the person with the desire becomes extremely motivated and the income does rise for a short period. But unless the limiting belief, which is lodged firmly in the unconscious mind, is challenged and replaced with an empowering one, the changes they seek will not be long lasting, if at all.

Many of our limiting beliefs are self-imposed. Sometimes, they are imposed on us by others

Just look at the stats for yourself. Look at how big the self-improvement sector is. Look at how many people set goals (Well, that’s quite small in comparison to the population), get a coach or mentor, go on seminars, weekends away, retreats but are still not making the income they desire.

Because their self-image, built upon the foundations of limiting beliefs about money and income have not been challenged and eliminated, the change does not take place. Some of these people have been trying to self-improve their income for months and even years.

Let me give you a quick very basic example why someone may not make the transition from a five figure to a high six figure income.

If your belief about rich people is, they are all con-merchants, they are only rich because they cheat or they get that way simply by using others, then you won’t be rich.

Why? For 2 reasons:

Everyone wants to be liked; it is a human need to be liked because it falls under acceptance. Making money means you will feel you won’t be liked or accepted. Nobody likes a cheat, a con-merchant or a user right?

Secondly, your behaviours and actions will not be fully behind the idea of being rich. Your self-image will not be congruent with making money. So your actions won’t either. You will go to seminars, but won’t follow through fully on tasks etc.

Remember, this will all be happening on an unconscious level. Your conscious desire to earn more is there for sure. But it is your unconscious mind that drives 90% of your behaviour and it is your unconscious mind where limiting beliefs live and prove themselves right in your outer world.

Years Trying and Still No Change

I know some people who have been trying for years and they still can’t break certain barriers of income or success. It took me years to rid myself of the limiting belief I had with money and replace it with one that would allow me to earn.

Before NLP was made popular and when self-improvement sections of bookstores were resigned to maybe 2 or 3 shelves tucked away in an alcove, it took me over a year, on a constant daily basis to change the beliefs I held about myself and money.

My self-image (Belief) of not being worthy of a super income were almost tattooed into my mind. Every day for one year I used subliminal recordings, self-hypnosis and other mind techniques to change those beliefs.

With NLP I can now help people change their limiting beliefs or self-image in minutes, rather than weeks, months or years.

Unfortunately, this is not a technique I can share in a blog post or video. Sure I could write the technique out for you, but in my humble opinion, it requires 3rd party intervention to really challenge limiting beliefs that are rooted into the mind.

It needs to be done face to face either in person or via skype.

Believing does not guarantee that you will 100% achieve something

However, you can start by asking yourself what you think about money. You can also use what Paul McKenna says in his book, I Can Make You Rich, by turning up your financial thermostat to extremely high.

This can stretch the mind and it allows the mind to become more accustomed to earning more.

Or you can impregnate your unconscious mind with the two words, wealth, success over and over. Nothing else. This prevents the mind from rejecting or even arguing over the new belief or self-image you wish to create.

Creating new healthier habits can help. Still, new habits can take anything from 60 days to a year to form. NLP can eliminate limiting beliefs in minutes and allow growth of better habits faster

You can also visualize. The unconscious mind does not know the difference between truth and fiction, fact or fantasy.

And you can model your behaviours, both psychological and physical, on others who have what you want. By taking regular action based on someone else’s behaviour can get you to form new habits. These in turn can transform into new beliefs.

The fastest way in my opinion though, is challenging and eliminating the limiting belief, leaving space for new beliefs to form and then modelling.

Believing is Not a Guarantee

Of course, belief alone is not a guarantee that you will suddenly earn a super six figure income. Just because you believe something 100% does not necessarily mean you will 100% achieve what you desire.

But I will tell you this:

Not believing 100% that you can do something, like earn more money, will 100% guarantee you won’t do it.

Or to put it another way, owning a limiting belief that you are only worthy to earn a 5 figure income will 100% guarantee (long term) that you will only ever earn a 5 figure income.

This rule applies to all other areas of your life too including success, relationships and financial freedom.

One very good example of this that springs to mind is that of the great Sir Alex Ferguson who managed Manchester United for over 25 years and who is highly regarded as the best manager in the modern era.

He said that Manchester United’s success was based on the ‘belief they never get beaten’. He once said, “We might run out of time, but we believe we cannot be beaten” Did they win 100% of the time? No. Were they the most successful club for nigh on 20 years? Yes.

Beliefs > Behaviours > Results. It’s that simple.

When I spent that one hour a day, virtually every day, working on my mind to change my limiting beliefs it took monumental effort. But it was well worth it.