I have been blogging for over a year now and I decided it was time for a change-so I have changed the domain name (Is that wise? I have no idea. Just that everyone in the blogging sphere tells you to keep posting away to get your followers…)

Formerly, I was blogging away under my author name, which isn’t a lot different to my real name. I am no JK Rowling, I don’t think I have to use a pseudonym just yet. Yes I wrote 67 posts or so under the guise of Robert D Hamilton (The name my book is written under) . me…

My real name, not that you want to read about that and be bored enough to throw yourself under a train, is David Robert Hamilton. But all my life I have been known as Rob Hamilton-so I am going back to that.

They, whoever ‘they’ are, say there is a lot of meaning in a name so who knows what going back to “Rob Hamilton” will bring? Maybe nothing and it is all nonsense.

So this small introductory blog is just to inform the followers I do have, that this is where I will be for many years to come.

For those of you who are new to me, I will be writing, scribbling and ranting away about how you can become successful, keep your happiness and be fulfilled no mater what your current or past circumstances are or have been.

I am blessed by the circumstances I have been through to fulfil my own passion. May be it is why I am here and why I went through what I did; but only God knows that one. It certainly feels right to me.

In my small way, and due to what is known as the ‘Ripple Effect’ if I can help or inspire one person to change their life for the better, I will have achieved what I have set out to do.

I try and keep my blogs, like my book, easy to read and powerful. If you can forgive me, I am going to post some blogs from my previous site, just to get the ball rolling. I hope that is okay with you?

I hope, like my previous and current followers, you will become a friend too.

Stay happy,

Rob Hamilton

(Formerly known as, in the blogging world anyway, Robert D Hamilton)