What is Success

What is Success to You?

success is personal

Whenever the people think of success most think about amassing vast amounts of wealth, acquiring material possessions, climbing the corporate ladder or becoming famous.

There isn’t anything wrong with having any of those as goals.

However, when I talk about coaching your mind to success I go deeper.

It is okay to want any of these providing a purpose is behind them.

Success is Personal

What is important is what success means to you personally. It is what you are doing or being or having that makes you happy.

For some people it is defined as:

  • Having a happy marriage or relationship
  • Performing at their best in sport
  • Being an actress or actor
  • Becoming famous
  • Starting and building a business
  • Financial freedom or earning a high income
  • An outstanding leader in a company
  • A great sales executive
  • Your own definition

If your idea of advancing in life is just to get richer and acquire material stuff, you can make that, but that goal would give you more meaning if you had a purpose behind it. Like being able to help more people.

It’s not about becoming a top executive so you boss; but how you can influence and help others reach their potential through great leadership.

Unlock your potential, follow your passion and get a purpose. Then you will experience true success

If your ambition is to run your own successful business, the goal is how your company can make an impact on the planet or in other people’s lives.

There is nothing wrong with wanting fame – and with YouTube this is possible for a lot more people – again it is about what is your purpose for wanting the fame?

Without This Success is Worthless

Whatever your definition of success is I will help you live it. But I will also help you find the purpose behind what you want, if you haven’t already.

When you are living your life with a grand vision (Purpose) you will truly meet the real measure of all success.

Personal fulfilment and happiness.

Without these two outcomes in your life success becomes empty. I have been there myself and I have coached millionaires and multimillionaires who were ‘fed-up’, unhappy and unfulfilled with their life.

I have coached people who have given up high paying jobs to follow their true purpose in life that earned them less.

Yet they felt more triumphant. Why? because they achieved happiness and fulfilment.

So if you want to develop your mindset with the strategies that will bring you success and happiness, then get in touch today.

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