Do you know anyone who lives in the past?

A couple of days ago I was thinking about the wonderful years I spent in Malaysia. And then I was starting to go back there the following day too. Now looking back now and again is ok, but I was starting to wish I was back there.

Now luckily I watch my thoughts and take note of my feelings and I was beginning to feel a little down so I changed my thinking and snapped myself out of pining for old times.

You see, if you start wishing for past times then you aren’t showing faith to God or the Universe or life, for what they have in store for you in the future.

Now most people, generally speaking also think back to the past and conjure up fales memories of unhappy times. Why visit those? What possible good can they do? So if you feel yourself slipping back into the past too often, snap yourself out of it.

Even visiting good accomplishments from the past too often can be negative. They can prevent you from achieving now. It is like living in past glories.

Focus on the now and what you can do now to plan for your future. The past is there to be visited from time to time, but not to be lived in.

God or the universe or life (Whichever you prefer) has great things waiting for you. But if you are living in the past, they will pass you by.