Most people want more success, yet there are two words most people don’t want to think about that go hand in hand with what we want.

I can remember a time in the 80’s when the self-improvement section of bookstores was so small it actually took a certain amount of self-confidence to actually find it. And when you did locate it, there were probably a dozen or so books you could read.

Now it’s a whole different ball game and  a multi-billion dollar industry. There are sections in some shops devoted to positive thinking that are so big you need that confidence again just to find your way out! And of course there are now Youtube videos, seminars, gurus and coaches.

So all in all I have been studying and following self-help movement for about 30 years now. I am, being a published author of a book within this category and by becoming a life and performance coach also, a part of it myself.

However, that said, I like to think that I haven’t fallen into the modern trend of where the industry has headed recently.

I have witnessed so many books and gurus and unfortunately some coaches too, all shying away from a crucial ingredient that goes hand in glove with success;

Hard work.

Yes, have you not noticed that some books now are promising that you can achieve anything without that much effort or in rapid time? That everything can be yours and you only have to put in minimal effort and time?

Don’t get me wrong, your perspectives or the way you are viewing or approaching an obstacle or challenge can be changed instantly. I do that for my clients too. I give improvements to athletes by increasing self-confidence or reducing tension and stress, which have a direct and instant impact on their performance.

But here I am talking about success in the context of creating a better life for yourself or building a vibrant and expanding business.

The message is powerful. You can have everything you want now. We live in a McDonald’s society.

The harder I work the luckier I seem to get. (Attributed to Samuel Goldwyn)

People get uptight if the internet slows down or they can’t get access online from their phone in the instant they look at it. Change is happening at rapid speeds all around us. Unfortunately, this pace of life we now live in, too many people are applying the same principle to their success. Or the attainment of their dreams.

If it’s not all plain sailing, easy and fast there must be something wrong with them. Why? because that’s the biggest message the self-improvement machine is pumping out.

“Work smart not hard” is a common message. I believe we should do both

I lose clients because I tell the ones who want to create and live their biggest dreams that it will take both effort and time. Even though I further add that this effort and time is enjoyable and increases happiness and reduces stress, they don’t want to know.

They want me to give them a quick fix. I won’t budge on this. Success takes dedication, long hours, huge effort, time and focus.

But to me, as the years seem to pass by fairly quickly, what is 12 months anyway? (Can you remember that it doesn’t seem too long ago that it was last March?).

If it means you will be living your wildest dreams after 12 months of your greatest effort, is that not worth it? Better than being on your 5th self-improvement course this time next year.

So don’t be suckered into this new wave thinking. It is dangerous and the messages are powerful and seductive. I know people personally, who have been on ten different seminars in the last year and they still haven’t progressed towards their goals. Each one promised it would be easier and faster than the last.

And not only that, they have ended up spending four times more than they would have done if they had taken my personal coaching. And I would have guaranteed results for them.

Oh well. Good job I still appeal to the people who know better. And I am glad there are still plenty of those people out there for me to coach!