Two Tactics to Tackle Tough Decisions

You may well have noticed that throughout life we are faced with decisions. There appears, what can seem to be on a regular basis, two paths that we can take on our journey. Some of these diversions can appear minor, but nonetheless can still have big consequences on how the rest of our journey will pan out. At other times these choices we are faced with can have far more reaching consequences based on what we decide and do indeed, shape our whole future.

It is in our moments of decisions that we shape our futures-Tony Robbins

So how do you tackle such decisions? How do you decide to do what is best for you? It can be tough as I no doubt think you already know. Maybe in the past you have made major choices that didn’t turn out too well, in your opinion? Maybe others choices you have made resulted in filling you with deep regret? And maybe others have worked out well?

Here are two tactics you can use if you are currently faced with a tough decision. They may seem unorthodox, but I have found them very effective.

Toss a Coin

decisions decisions

Tough decisions?

Are you serious Robert? Yes. Really serious. This can work well when the answer you require is a simple yes or a no to a decision that isn’t a major one (Although you can still use it for those too).

Just pick ‘heads’ for  a yes and ‘tails’ for no. Watch and monitor your initial reaction to the outcome of the toss. If you get tails (meaning no) and that very first reaction is one of disappointment, then you know the answer is really a yes. This small technique usually serves as a confirmation to what you really already know in your heart of hearts what your decision should be.

Another first reaction can be, ‘I will do best out of three’. Well, there is your answer. Again, the coin toss will help you determine the choice you should take as opposed to the choice you want. You may notice that for example that you are secretly wishing it lands on heads…

Live ‘As if’…

For those real major decisions you get faced with from time to time, the ones that can cause sleepless nights and worry perhaps, there is a more powerful, effective way of choosing which turn in the road to take.

And that is, as much as possible, live ‘as if’ you have already made one of your two choices for 2, or better still, 3 whole days. At first glance this may seem tricky to do and I have to admit it is not as easy as the coin toss! But it can be done and it is very, very insightful.

By living as if you have made one of the choices for 2 or 3 days gives your mind time to get used to it. It overcomes the emotion that can accompany a major decision, or the initial shock so to speak. If over the two or 3 days you start to feel more and more at ease with your choice then that may well be telling you it is the right choice.

This technique can work for those toughies such as, should I change jobs? Should I stay with him/her or leave? Should I take that job overseas or stay in the one I have living near my family?

If you follow the guideline here and really live as ifreally immerse yourself into one of the choices, I can assure you, you will get the right answer.

Okay, your partner might think you are acting a little strange (If that is your choice) for a couple of days but you will get the answer you seek.

(Personal Note: I am a believer in exhausting every avenue of repairing a marriage or long term relationship before such a technique is used to determine whether you should divorce or end the relationship).

Feel free to make your own suggestions on how you deal with major decisions.

Now, shall I have Chinese or Indian food tonight…..where’s that coin….

Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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