Words play an important role in our lives, business, work and sport. Their power should not be underestimated.

The words we use to describe situations, progress, obstacles and our dreams influence the outcomes we will experience.

I have blogged before about the Power of Words but today I want to focus on two of the most powerful words we can use.

It’s Not The Two Most Powerful Words Per Se, But What Follows Them

The two words that I am referring to are not powerful on their own. What is critical and what gives them superhuman power are the words that follow.

These two simple words are:

I am.

How many times have you heard some of these?

  • I am really stupid
  • I am never going to get it right
  • I am always messing my relationships up
  • I am always making mistakes
  • I am a difficult person to live with
  • I am a raving idiot for believing in them
  • I am crazy to have thought that things would work out for the best

You see how destructive these statements are? How many times have you used them or something very similar?

Why are they so powerful? because we believe what we tell ourselves about 90% of the time.

Using the above examples, we may well make a mistake, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. But that doesn’t make us stupid and it doesn’t mean we will never get it right.

We may well have our little quirky habits but that doesn’t mean we are necessarily difficult to live with.

Be mindful of what words you use after you say, I am.

Use negative connotations too often and they become entrenched beliefs. You start believing the nonsense you are telling yourself and then your mind finds ways to prove what you believe is right.

Words in Affirmations After Using, I am

Affirmations are short statements or sentences you say to yourself that are positive in nature. These are equally powerful too.

Here are a few of my favourite sentences or affirmations, I say to myself after I am.

The first one I use often.

  • I am a unique and extraordinary person
  • I am worthy and deserving of financial success
  • I am confident and self assured
  • I am always learning something new

Some people laugh at affirmations. Yet, I hear them saying the negative stuff after I am and don’t think anything of it.

Yet they are affirmations – just of the negative kind.

Using affirmations in our daily thinking and those times when we talk to ourselves is not fluffy thinking.  Neither does their use stop bad stuff ever happening to you or me.

However, by adding more positive short sentences after we have just said I am are great confidence boosters, morale enhancers and energisers.

Be mindful for the next week of what words you are using after you are talking to someone and use the two words, I am.

If you watch carefully and change the negative use of words you have been habitually using, you’ll see a huge marked difference in how you feel, think and act.