Transforming your life…I mean really transforming into a life you truly want takes time. Unfortunately that is not the main message that is circulating.

A few blog posts ago I posted one of my pet peeves within the self-improvement industry – the quick fix – and how this message is pumped-out in abundance.  It is wrongly telling people all will be well within days or even hours!

Anything you want is yours without effort or time being spent.

Here are some book titles I have found.

  • Change Almost Anything in 21 days
  • Change Your Life in 7 days
  • Shapeshifter: Transform Your Life in 1 Day
  • Transform Your Life in 90 Minutes
  • How to Find Your Soul Mate By Friday (What if you bought the book on Thursday?)

You see? They are very enticing right? I mean who wouldn’t want to meet their soul partner tomorrow if they are looking now? How much effort would you have to put in just 90 minutes to transform your life? Almost nothing right?

What nonsense.

Getting back to your absolute best or changing your life takes time.

I specialise in performance coaching and results – and in some cases I can give people who have lost their edge, or who are under performing in their sport, a boost in confidence or how better to deal with pressure, and these can have an instant impact on their results.

When I am helping somebody transform their life I can give instant results too. How? By giving them a different perspective on their current situation or circumstances. Changing how we view or perceive things can have immediate results too.

Sometimes it is like releasing the lid on a pressure cooker. A new perspective can have the same effect.

transforming your life takes time

Your time is constantly ticking away

But to completely transform somebody’s life – that isn’t instant. It takes time. Small, but significant steps towards change.

I rarely tell my clients it will be easy. But I do convince them it will be worth it.

I only ever coach anyone for 90 days. By that time, they will have all the tools they need to change their life or business results and they would have made magnificent strides by then.

They will be further down the road to where they are aiming for. And not only that, the road will be clear. They will be ready for any obstacles that show up.

Providing they carry on with what I coach and what action we both agree would be best.

And it will be the same with you if you get yourself a coach.

I let all my clients know that real, lasting change in life can take up to one year. But if they really want to live a more fulfilling, successful life there are no shortcuts.

Yet still people search for the quick fix. I have had a few people come back to me six months later frustrated that they haven’t changed or shortened the gap from where they were to where they would are heading or hoped they would be.

90 Days Will Pass If You Are Transforming Your Life Or Not

I never throw it their face, but you see the time will pass anyway. Your time will pass too. Time is always moving forwards. So in 3 months time you will either be well on your journey to living your life how you want to live it – or you will be in the same place.

The difference being however, that you will be more frustrated in 90 days time because instead of making progress you would have actually moved backwards.

That opportunity you were thinking about may have lost its power or someone else has snapped it up.

The limiting habit is now more deeply entrenched that it was 3 months before. The relationship has turned more bitter. Your confidence has sunk lower. There are many examples I could give where if you don’t take action now, you could end up further behind than where you are now.

The time it takes to transform your life is going to pass anyway. Time doesn’t care if you are trying to develop yourself or not. Time just is.

So if you want to transform your life and start living it how you would like then you have to take action. As I always say, if you feel by reading my blogs I am not the coach for you then get another one.

But please, do something. Anything to move you forwards. Anything that will take you that bit closer to what you want.

Remember, there aren’t quick fixes and you are hearing this from one of the coaches who prides himself on his fast record at transforming lives and results. Have a little patience.

It may take a while but that time is going to pass anyway. It may not always be easy in that 3 months. But I guarantee you it will be worth it; it will be time well spent.

Anything really IS possible.