‘A picture paints a thousand words’ as the saying goes. I guess some pictures do exactly that.

For me I look at it the other way round. Why? because words are my living (Well, a big part of it). I listen to what words people use when I am coaching; the words they use to describe problems, situations and other things happening in their life. I also listen intently to their past experiences and future expectations and which words they use to describe each.

In another area of my work I use words to influence behavior through copywriting (The art of selling through the written word). Whether they be for an advert, a landing page, a video marketing script, a sales letter or a webinar script.

The power of the words I use never ceases to amaze. I have, quite literally, generated millions of dollars in revenue for various companies using my knowledge and adeptness of words.

You will more than likely know that words can build healthy relationships and allow you to declare your love for someone in a 1001 different and romantic ways. And they also have the power to leave scars in hearts that for some, can be difficult to heal.

Yes a heart can be ripped out, a mind scarred or a spirit lifted with the power contained in the words you use.

Even one scathing, cutting comment can be carried around as a grudge for donkeys years. Such is the power of words.

Words Contain Power

Words can carry such tremendous clout that one scientist, who coincidentally goes by the name of a Dr. David R Hamilton (No, it really isn’t me), claims through a study he conducted that the mere tagging of positive or negative written words to plants substantially altered their growth. For better or worse.

Is that true? I have no idea but he does put forth a compelling argument for his theory and various studies. Plus, he also seems like a pleasant guy.

Which brings me nicely round to the words you use.

How do you describe your past? How do you paint your future with the words that you use? Do you regularly use the word ‘but’. “I would go out and look for another job but….” “I would like to earn more money but…”  “Yes I understand the advice you are giving but…” and such like?

Keep a watch out for the words your inner voice uses. Are they encouraging you most of the time or pulling you down?

Do things such as bad drivers always really annoy  you or make your blood boil with rage? Or maybe they irritate you beyond belief? Do you refer to always being depressed or you always get let down by everybody? Do you state, I can never do this, or never do that?

Let me assure you that this type of language is destructive. Be mindful of the words you use for the next few days and see if you can recognize any of the above examples cropping up in your conversations and if so, how often?

In particular, keep a watch out for the words that inner voice uses.

By simply and persistently changing the words we use to describe events or experiences that occur in our lives we can change the perceived reality and enhance our well being. And ultimately, increase our success and happiness.

Try it and see.

For now I need to go and look up what a callipygeon is. I got called it today.

Eloquently yours,