The Power of Silence

I quite often blog about how the unconscious mind likes stillness-quiet times-just you and it in peaceful yet powerful solitude. And I expect I shall write about it again; after all the unconscious mind loves repetition.

I write today from a beautiful place called Applecross, a suburb in Perth, Australia where I have quietness in abundance. The only interruption is the lapping of the lake on the shore and the odd squawk from passing seagulls. There is  a soft breeze blowing through the leaves on nearby trees. But these aren’t disturbances or distractions to me. They are natures sounds. Soothing, and helping my mind to become still.

After 30 minutes or so, I kind of get a nudge from within to open my writing pad (I always have one to hand when I’m in the quiet) and view my midterm goals. I realize that with some I am ahead of schedule, others I’m on track and to my surprise, one or two of the more important ones, I’m actually slipping behind.

(I have measuring sticks for all my goals)

I asked myself what I could do more of that would get me back on track. In other words, what activities could I increase that would ensure my goals become achievable by the dates I have set. Here are some of the answers I got, being totally honest with myself (There is no other way, I would only be fooling myself).

quietness abounds here in perth

What a place for the mind to enjoy

Write-By assessing why I am behind schedule it was pretty darn obvious I have procrastinated with my writing. To put it simply, I haven’t written enough, or as much as I could have done, over the past few weeks. There are no excuses; if I want to write then just write. This did of course produce that small, automatic excuse in my mind: I’ve been very busy lately. It lasted but a moment or two and I naturally found an answer to my busyness, which followed next.

Master getting up earlier-I don’t necessarily have sleep-ins, I usually arise fairly early. However, I do know that I could get up earlier than what I have been doing. I could gain an hour here. That could add up to 6 extra hours a week or 24 in one month. How much more could I get done?

Learn more-I am an advocate for continuous learning. I have been reading lots, but I always read lots. I need to invest some more money and time into some practical, hands on learning. The doing part of learning if you like. I know what I need to learn and I have neglected the practical side of this somewhat. ‘You are your best resource’ I am promptly reminded of.

By applying these solutions I will of course get back to the timing of these goals and ensure that my outcomes are achieved. Of course I will choose to play catch up and put in some extra hours for a month or two. But if it means I am achieving what I want and growing in the process, it can only be a good thing.

Yes, going into the quiet, asking yourself some questions, listening to the answers, accepting responsibility and then taking the necessary action to put it right-all stemmed from me spending this time in the quiet. I would have reviewed my goals at some point, I often do. But I believe spending this time in solitude, especially after a hectic few months, is so beneficial in many ways. A wake up call is just one of them.

If I hadn’t spent this time alone and sat and talked with my subconscious mind, maybe I would still be rushing around for another few weeks before I realized where I was. Who knows? The main point is I have become aware of some shortcomings and am now able to rectify.

At least now I can correct my course rather than be blown hither and thither and end up settling on shores I don’t want to be on. All the answers you need come when you spend time in the quiet. Not all at once and not all at the same time, but let me assure you they do come.

Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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