In my last blog post I talked about how the mind can and does, strenuously resist changes that you attempt to make in your life. It likes, or rather loves passionately, to keep everything familiar. The mind does not want to change even if those changes are for the betterment of your mental, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.

I was explaining that if you implement small, medium and then larger changes in your life it can help the mind to easier accept any changes you make and less likely to return you to your former state or results in the future.

Yesterday I was conducting my seminar, Success, Happiness and Fulfillment and we were discussing the topic of change. I explained that psychologists have been experimenting on rats for many years. In their findings in the labs, they have found that when rats are in mazes and have their peanut butter removed from the original ending of a certain route in the maze, they will only try the same route to get their reward for 2 or maybe 3 times. After that the rat instinctively knows that it should now try another way. Us human beings are not like rats. The vast majority of us carry on repeating the same patterns of behavior, even though they do not lead us to the rewards (Goals, dreams, results) we so desire.

What refreshing changes could you make?

What refreshing changes could you make?

I told them all to become rats. You may want to consider becoming one yourself, if you are not getting what you want.

Yet there is another aspect, and super benefit, for making changes in your life.

In my opinion sameness kills the spirit or zest for living. Implementing some changes can sometimes feel like a breath of fresh air in your life.

I was explaining this to the members on my seminar and offered that they too should instigate some changes so they can feel the benefits for themselves. Some of what I suggested were such things as:

  • If you drive to work everyday, take a different route or the bus or train for a change (They all admitted they had driven the same way for years)
  • Change your living room around at home; place the TV in another corner of the room for a change (They all laughed because their living areas have been the same for years)
  • If the first thing you do when you get home is switch on the TV or surf the net, read a book instead for a change (They all said they did either of these)
  • If you always wear darker colored clothes wear bright yellow or orange for a change (They all had their favorite colors)

Today I met a couple of the members who again shook my hand and thanked me. One of the chaps told me how every Sunday morning for the last umpteen years, he watches the sports channels to get the updates from Saturday’s games. But today he implemented a change. He got up and read an inspiring book for half an hour. And then he went and played in the garden with his kids for an hour. He was overjoyed at such a small pleasure and said it was really emotionally refreshing. His kids were shocked and at the same time very happy. And of course the influence on his kids was tremendous too he said. How wonderful.

Another guy told me that he shaved off his goatee. Now you may be thinking, big deal. But he had worn his goatee for the past 15 years. As he was was shaving it off he said to himself, it’s not too late, you can keep it (His mind resisting). He persisted and off it went. I asked him how he felt. He answered by saying that he felt absolutely liberated by doing it.

Is there something you have always done for years on end?

So try some changes yourself. If you have always done something a particular way like gone on holiday to the same place, eaten the same item off the menu, painted your house a certain color or whatever-make some changes. You will really benefit.

Even driving another route to work can increase your awareness as you see different views on your journey.

Remember, any changes you do make, if you don’t like them, you can always change them back.

Try it. Get creative. Have fun with it.

You may even experience the wonderment like the man who shaved off his goatee.