Well, we are at the penultimate post of this series of blogs about reprogramming your mind, or creating habits that will get you more success and happiness.

I have put these under the Law of Attraction…but there isn’t a single law, there are actually 12. These will reprogramme your mind for success so you can achieve your wildest dreams too.

These 12 Laws I have studied, practised, ignored, broken and used to achieve some of my wildest dreams – for the past 27 years as I detailed in part one of this series.

These 12 Laws will change your life. Remember, they don’t require an increase in effort; they just ask you to switch your effort.

So here are Laws 5 to 8. All these Laws are explained along with the how, the why, the when and the what to do.

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Law # 5 The Law of Consistency

Once you start these 12 Laws, you must be consistent with them. If you want to start achieving your wildest dreams you must be consistent with your application to using creative visualization. And all the other Laws too come to that.

If you start creatively visualizing what you want for 4 or 5 days and then have a break for a few days, it is like starting all over again when you begin again. Like anything else in life that you want to achieve, be consistent in your efforts; it will pay you dividends.

Build the momentum and keep it going. One day off now and again is okay.

Law # 6 Recognise and Follow the Promptings of Your Unconscious Mind

If you remember, in part three of this course I gave you a golden rule to spending time in the quiet and visualizing which was,

The more you do it the more you will love it; the less you do it the more you will hate it.

But it goes one step further than this. The more you do it the more you will benefit from doing it. Why? because your unconscious mind will begin to speak to you softly – but powerfully. And when I say prompt you, it will be like an inner guide.

Helping you make the right choices in life or about business or a partner. Your unconscious mind has your best interests at heart remember?

Your unconscious mind is never wrong. Trust what it prompts you to do implicitly

However, sometimes it will prompt you to do something that on a conscious level you don’t necessarily want to do. Like pay a bill. You might want to use the money to buy new clothes, put into your business or whatever. But don’t – not if your unconscious mind prompts to pay the bill.

Don’t question or doubt, just do it, your unconscious mind will never be wrong. It will be guiding you to pay the bill first for a reason so trust what it says to you.

I ask mine to prompt me who to sit next to at events, where to go sometimes, what to read etc. It works small but mighty miracles when you have been listening and paying attention to it for as long as I have.

(How it speaks to you and how to recognise it more is in my online course)

Law # 7 You Must Take Action

Action is the bridge between your visualizations and your dreams. You cannot just visualize for more money, sit at home and expect to get more. It’s not going to happen. You must take action on your goals and lots of it.

Obvious right? of course it is. But you wouldn’t believe how many people I have spoken to that think creative visualization works on its own. What utter nonsense. They actually believe that if they just sit and home and do nothing but visualize they will ‘manifest’ wealth, riches, a new partner or whatever.

Visualization is merely a necessary tool to getting what you want and reconditioning your beliefs

So take action every day. And remember Law # 6 because some of the small pieces of action that will benefit you only come from the unconscious mind

Law # 8 Being Aware of  ‘Time’

As you progress through the 12 Laws of Success and Happiness, there will be a pattern of things that happen.

And it’s all about timing. This Law is not about time management, but becoming more aware of time with regards to your test, ‘coincidences’ that begin to appear and when; when you will start seeing results etc.

Becoming aware and knowing about the timing of events is important

I am sensitive to the timing of things. Although the timings for getting your ‘test’, the mind resisting, things that you want starting to show up in your life are different for anyone, there is an approximate pattern to these events occurring.

So you must be aware of time too.

I really cannot describe enough how these 12 Laws will change your entire life. I also cannot emphasize adequately, how much happier you will be when you are applying these 12 Laws. They really are that powerful.

Start applying these 12 Laws. And remember, if you go and watch the short free intro video on the link below, you will also see what is possible when you apply these 12 Laws of Success and Happiness.

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