This is part two of my ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction. There are actually twelve laws to getting what you want, which I shall be covering from tomorrow.

In yesterday’s introduction, I said that I don’t like the Law of attraction and that in fact, I despise it. The other reason I don’t care much for the title is that it makes what I teach in my course sound like ‘Mumbo-Jumbo’ or wishy-washy thinking.

I do think The single Law of Attraction in its popular format and for the most part, falls into that airy-fairy thinking.

That’s why I would rather these 12 laws be called something else; like The 12 Habits of Success and Happiness” or something similar. The 12 Laws I have put together are based more on the psychology of how to get what you want.

What I can tell you is that these 12 Laws, whatever you would like to call them, work. They get you what you want.


What these 12 Laws of Success and Happiness will do for you

12 laws of attraction for success, happiness  These 12 Laws will recondition your unconscious mind to accept success. To be ready for it. You see if you are not earning the money you dream about, or experiencing happiness, love or quality relationships for example, it is all down to your conditioning. Your conditioning forms your beliefs.

Your conditioning stems (Mostly) from childhood and is stored in the powerhouse of your unconscious mind, which drives your behaviour. Of course experiences, such as divorce or the loss of a well-paid job or business can also ‘condition’ you negatively.

It will be easier to show you like this how it works (this is a simplified version);

Your Conditioning forms your 

BeliefsYour beliefs create 

FeelingsYour feelings determine your

Actionsand your actions produce your

Results – in life, at work, money you earn, your relationships etc

So if you have been conditioned (On an unconscious level) to really dislike rich or successful people, you will never become rich or successful yourself – unless you recondition your beliefs.

Look at how many people go on seminars to learn how to make more money for example, and how many don’t really make it. It is not the training that is wrong. It is simply the beliefs of the individuals to earn more that matters. Those limiting beliefs, sat unassumingly in your unconscious mind are the driving force.

They determine what you achieve or what you don’t get in life.

Do you get that? Do you see how it works?

Everything else these seminar attendee’s are doing is right. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with them as people. There are no huge flaws in their abilities or character. It is simply, and powerfully, their belief system that is undermining all their efforts to become rich.

You probably know people yourself who are constantly trying to make more money, start a successful business, experience a loving and lasting relationship and yet they never quite make it.

The unconscious minds’ conditioning is more powerful than your conscious desire to achieve more, be more, do more and have more

I know some people who have attended 20, 30 and even 40 seminars on self-improvement and still aren’t getting what they want.

From my experience and the people I have coached to identify, and eliminate their limiting beliefs and install beliefs of excellence, this is the number one reason they don’t get what they want. The unconscious minds’ conditioning is more powerful than their conscious desire to achieve more, be more, do more and have more.

So these 12 Laws that I have put together, having studied this fascinating subject for 27 years, are designed to recondition your unconscious mind so that you can achieve whatever you want in life.

And I do mean, whatever you want in life.

In the next post I will cover the first four laws.

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