So, we have reached the end of the series. This is the final part and here I will cover the final 4 Laws that will reprogramme your mind for more success and happiness.

Law #9 talks specifically about what to do to if you want to get more wealth flowing to you.

As I have been saying in all of these posts, these are brief outlines of achieving more success and happiness in your life. The full details of how they work, what you must do and when, are all in my online course (See bottom of post).

I cannot say enough how these 12 Laws to success and happiness (As I prefer to call them) can completely change your life. And, make you far happier and content as you apply them!

Law # 9 Tithing: The fastest Way to Getting More Money

The art of tithing is difficult at first. Yet this is nothing spiritual or mumbo-jumbo speak either. This Law opens your unconscious mind for wealth.

Tithing simply means setting aside an amount of your income to help others.

In fact the great Tony Robbins is an advocate of this principle too. He asks what would be the easiest thing to do: Give away 10% of $100 or 10% of  $1,000,000? The answer is the first amount.

So if you want to open your unconscious mind to more wealth, start giving! Set aside 10% of your income to those who genuinely need it. You will be guided on who to give to when you learn how to follow the promptings of your unconscious mind as I discussed in Law # 6 in part four.

No matter how little you have right now go give 10%. Go find somebody in need if you don’t anyone.

Giving is the doorway to receiving. So if you are short go and give. It will come back to you tenfold.

(In my online course I go into greater detail on how you get repaid by giving)

Law # 10 You Must Raise Your Mind

If you want to be truly happy and successful and get all the things you want in life, you must raise your mind to higher a frequency as it were. You must raise it above that of the crowd and how they consistently think.

Petty gossiping, getting annoyed at little things, being impatient too often, are not the traits you want to be displaying.

You must raise your mind to a higher level. As you progress through my online course (Which for now has a 60% discount attached to it) this happens naturally. I mean when you KNOW that bigger and better times are coming to you, there isn’t room in your thinking to be annoyed, impatient or participating in mental activities that unsuccessful minds do.

Law # 11 You Must Dress Well

The world judges you. People judge you. Get over it. But do you look like someone who is successful? Like attracts like so keep that in mind. Don’t save your ‘best clothes’ for special occasions, wear them now.

You will attract better things into your life when you look the part. You will feel good too. Dressing well sends a powerful message to your unconscious mind and increases your self-worth.

Law # 12 Use More Love in Your Life

There is enough wrongdoing and hatred in this world. To recondition your mind, use more love as a tool. Successful and happy people don’t walk around full of hatred. They have a genuine love for what they do, the planet, their community or environment.

Love is the root of all right action. You must inject more love into your life too. Be more loving to what you do, other people, our gorgeous planet and our great communities.

And when you are making all that money from doing what you LOVE increase what you give to those less fortunate.

Take Control of and Create Your Destiny: You are in Charge

I really don’t care what your past is or what your current situation is either. I don’t care if you are in dire straits right now: there is a way out. These 12 Laws to Success and Happiness will get you out of it. And, in the fastest time possible.

I really don’t care what you want either. Anything is possible – and that means for you too. I KNOW this to be fact. I am living proof. I also know many other people who have used these 12 laws and have completely transformed their lives by applying them each and every day.

It will all depend on how much you want what you say want. How much are you peeved off with how things are going right now? How much desire do you have to change it all? You just need to BELIEVE.

When you reach that point where you can draw a line in the sand will be the time that you decide to transform your life (Or become deeply inspired to change it). But you needn’t wait for things to become so bleak.

So whether you want wealth or health, a successful business, better relationships or more happiness and personal fulfillment this course will get you all of those things and more. It will help you reach your wildest dreams.

Your unconscious mind is powerful. You can draw anything that you want to you if you just care to tap into the power you have.

You can get yourself on this online course and change your whole life. You can take control of your own destiny and design your life exactly the way you want it to look, sound and feel.

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