About 10 or 11 years ago now, a time that actually seems like eons ago, I was diagnosed and ‘labelled’ with severe depression. If I ever look back at those memories, and I do sporadically, it is like watching an old black and white film of myself.

The reason it looks like that is because that is what I created for my memory banks. I made it ‘unappealing’ on purpose.

Anyway, in this video blog, for the first time I am going public on video about the day I was a whisker away from hanging myself. It was only through a still, small voice that I call ‘Divine Intervention’ that I stopped myself.

I climbed out of that hole and was able to bounce back bigger and better and happier than ever before. I was going to say ‘fortunately’ at the start of this sentence, but it took tremendous effort.

This raw and uncut video gives away a couple of strategies I used to beat this thing called severe depression. The main message is that if you, or someone you know is going through hell, is don’t give up hope. Find some hope and cling to that, build on it.

And if you do have some money, get yourself a good coach to help you out of it. I live by my mantra that anything really is possible. And it is. I am living proof of that.

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I do not blatantly ask people to share my posts, but today I am. If you think it can give someone hope, then please share it with them or via your social media channels. Thanks. I appreciate it and I know they probably will too.