The 12 Secret Laws of Attraction (They Failed to Tell You)

Have you ever tried the Law of Attraction? Did you fail to ‘manifest’ 30k in 30 days? Did you fail to get that brand new car, the house or start your successful business?

Like thousands I have asked on my seminars and the hundreds more I have spoken to personally over the last 27 years, the single law of attraction has failed them.

law of attraction failing

the single law of attraction is failing millions

And it has probably failed millions more around the world who have read the books, watched the DVD’s and listened to the guru’s.

Why? because there is no single law of attraction. There are 12. And why don’t they tell you there are 12? First of all they might not know about these 12 laws. But more than likely because if they did, sales of their books, DVD’s and seminars would seriously drop.

And why is that you may ask? Simple. Because to follow 12 laws, to do 12 things, may seem like much more effort and time. And the general message today is you can have everything NOW! People want to try and convince you that everything can be yours NOW!

The mainstream message in the law of attraction is killing people’s dreams 

It’s a great travesty. People follow the popular message about the Law of Attraction, try it, it fails and then like I did 27 years ago, start believing there must be something inherently wrong with them. That they must be somehow ‘fated’ never to achieve their wildest dreams, goals or ambitions.

It becomes a strong belief that they cannot ever have success or any of their dreams come to that.

Nothing Could be Further From the Truth

But this is so, so wrong. And it is why the popular message being dished out all over the place fills me with horror. They are ruining – destroying and shattering people’s dreams.

The vast majority of people you see will try it once and then give up trying to change or trying to become rich. Or healthy. Or successful.

And this is why I have put together a brand new online course to combat this nonsense and hopefully, show people that they can achieve their wildest dreams if they follow and apply the 12 laws.

Through trial and error, success and failure over the last 27 years, I have put together these 12 laws based on my experiences.

Here are the 12 Laws nobody has really bothered to tell you (Some against popular belief):

  • Law # 1 You must dedicate time to visualizing
  • Law # 2 You must pass your ‘test’ (Some people get the opposite of what they want. This Law is critical)
  • Law # 3 Don’t break the money Law
  • Law # 4 Be mindful of who you tell (And DO NOT use dreamboards)
  • Law # 5 The Law of Consistency
  • Law # 6 Follow the Promptings of your subconscious mind (No matter what they are)
  • Law # 7 You MUST take action 
  • Law # 8 Be aware of time
  • Law #9 The Law of Tithing; the fastest way to attract more money in your life
  • Law # 10 You must raise your mind
  • Law # 11 You must dress well
  • Law # 12 You must use more love

Now one thing I will say about these laws is this: They don’t necessarily require extra effort, but just a switch in effort. It is a matter of changing what you are doing now to doing something else.

Also, they are actually enjoyable to use. It’s amazing how much happier and more fulfilled you feel once you start using them.

These 12 laws work. If you are willing to apply them into your life and allow them to become everyday healthy habits

For anyone that follows these laws (By taking my course, details below 🙂 ) I wish I could just transport them 90 days into their future. Why? Because after that time, no matter what position they are in now, their life would be so much happier and fulfilled!

And more importantly, they would be well on their way to achieving their wildest dreams.

The 12 laws work. I have used them for quite some time and they have helped me achieve some of my wildest dreams that’s for sure.

So How do They Work?

By implementing these laws (or success principles if you prefer) they automatically and naturally recondition the mind to be more accepting of abundance in all it’s forms.

Remember, what is happening at a subconscious level we are not consciously aware of. We have a desire to earn more, be more or do more but cannot understand why it is not happening for us

If like me, you didn’t have an upbringing where abundance was healthily cultivated, that could well be the reason you are not getting all the results you want, even though there is a conscious desire to acquire more.

The subconscious mind drives 90% of our behavior. If what is lodged in there are feelings or thoughts of lack, then success will only be fleeting and temporary. Money and other stuff will come in spurts but never be long lasting.

The subconscious mind will simply do what it has been programmed to do: Keep you poor (Or unsuccessful or unhappy or whatever)

So these 12 laws go deep into the subconscious mind and change the thoughts of lack that are lodged there and eventually replace them with thoughts of abundance.

Then just as in the example above, the subconscious mind will do what it is programmed to do: get you what you want.

I believe that for those of us who have not been programmed in a positive way, these 12 laws reverse that conditioning and then replace it with what is needed to be successful.

It’s not mumbo-jumbo. It is science and psychology. And it can all work for you too.

Anything, really is possible!

If you would like to get my online course The 12 Laws of Attraction: How to get what you want in 90 days I have 35 (31 left as I write) with a great 60% discount. There are also 3 free videos to watch so you can decide if you want to take the course after you have seen those.

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Coach Robert

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