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How to Visualize. Successfully. Law # 3

Today I am writing this blog from my hotel room in the U.K. I am reveling at the marvel of Christmas and how it unites families, friends and loved ones together. The things that matter in life. But this blog… Continue Reading →

How to Visualize. Successfully. Law # 2

Well, two days before Christmas, shopping done, gifts bought (But not wrapped yet) and aching feet. Patience also tested with the crowds, but oh that is part of the joy of it all me thinks. Anyway, my Merry Christmas post… Continue Reading →

Knowing is Better

The other day I was transferring a photo from my Samsung S4 to my Mac Book Pro. Both devices are connected through the ether; we know it as bluetooth. It took about 3 or 4 seconds only to reach my… Continue Reading →

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