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10 Things Happy People Refuse to Do

Everybody on the planet wants to be happy right? Research suggests that around 40% of our happiness is under our control and the rest is determined by outside factors. I disagree with this number because I still think we can… Continue Reading →

The Day I Nearly Hanged Myself – How I Beat Depression

About 10 or 11 years ago now, a time that actually seems like eons ago, I was diagnosed and ‘labelled’ with severe depression. If I ever look back at those memories, and I do sporadically, it is like watching an… Continue Reading →

What I observe When I am Out and About (And in homes)

As you know I am a mind coach; I like to know what is going on in people’s minds. To get a feel for people I like to observe. Some of my close friends think that I am psychic but… Continue Reading →

Is Happiness Really a Choice?

Have you ever met those people who constantly complain, grumble and moan? Just about everything seems to peeve them doesn’t it? They never seem content with anything. They find something in everything to bitch about or criticize. Every day is… Continue Reading →

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