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Two Words Some People Don’t Want to Associate With Success

Most people want more success, yet there are two words most people don’t want to think about that go hand in hand with what we want. I can remember a time in the 80’s when the self-improvement section of bookstores… Continue Reading →

The Number 1 Thing I Detest About Self-Improvement Gurus

The self-improvement industry as you may well know, is still a booming industry. Some branches of it, like coaching and mentoring are billion dollar machines. Why? Well, because coaching and mentoring, with the right coaches and mentors, is getting people… Continue Reading →

Either Change or Face the Alternative

Quite often I blog about change. Not change for change’s sake but change in the sense of growing or moving out of circumstances, or habits, or thoughts that don’t serve you. Now change can be a little scary, awkward and… Continue Reading →

Gain 79 Hours a Month and Increase Your Productivity x10 (At least)

There are lots of distractions around. But I think life has always had stuff that lead people away from their goals. I really don’t think that much has changed over time. Why? Because lots of people look for excuses as… Continue Reading →

How to Increase Happiness and Your Chances of Success

Would you like to instantly fill your happiness tank and greatly increase your chances of success? If you would, then please read on… Where will you be this time next year and what does that time look, feel and sound like to… Continue Reading →

The First Rule for Getting What You Want

The first rule for getting what you want is to be grateful for what you already have. And that means even if what you have is very little. Think about it, if you cannot be grateful for what you have… Continue Reading →

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