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7 Insightful Questions To Discover Your Purpose

Have you read about living your life with purpose? Or doing what you love? I am sure you have, after all it seems one of those hip topics everybody and their dog is talking about. To give you a perspective of living a life on a purpose or doing what you truly want or love to

4 Questions I Get Asked Because I Work in the Self-Improvement World

Being in the self-improvement industry as a performance coach, I quite often get asked lots of questions. Questions about how I feel, think, react, and respond to different things that happen in life. I suppose people want to know if I am human or not or maybe they want to relate to me or know whether

Success Happiness and Fulfillment-The First Step

Today I am sat in my good friends property seminar. It is a full two days of a property buying ‘system’ that can catapult attendee’s to financial freedom in rapid time. Of course, they have to follow the blueprint. You needn’t worry (and I am sure you aren’t) this is not a blog that is about