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branding can cost a lot of time money and focus

Why Branding Can Be Utter Nonsense

There are branding coaches, gurus and whole branding departments these days. All clambering to get your dough if you have your own business. But I think it is utter nonsense for most businesses. In fact I am so not obsessed with it, that I am going to unbrand myself. So in the next couple of

Finally, Finding Who I am as a Coach (And a Small Apology Thrown in)

A couple of years ago I decided to leave where I was working and start my own coaching business. It was a big decision to make. Apart from earning a great salary, enjoying super working conditions and working with people who I was friends with and liked, it also meant a major upheaval as it meant leaving

I am Going Through Hard Times – And This is What I Do

Have you ever reached a point where you ask yourself, ‘What’s life all about? What is the meaning of it all? What’s my purpose here?’ And have you ever asked this, or something similar, with a negative undertone because things just don’t seem to be going your way or you are feeling down? I have.

Would You Like an Answer to Your Current Challenge? The Awesome Coach Will Answer!

Are You Struggling to Create or Live Your Awesome Life? Is there something holding you back? Are you facing a challenge, dilemma or problem and struggling to find an answer? Are you frustrated with this obstacle? Do you think this could be preventing you from creating or living your awesome life? Imagine if you had another

With or Without You (Quick Read)

Life doesn’t always go as we had planned, hoped or wished. And that can apply to all aspects of what life governs. Health, business, love, career- any one of these can go awry from time to time. The vision, the plan, the wish – gets interrupted. We can be struck with illness, adversity, separation, loss

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