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Get on the Path to a Better Life in 2017 (Free Ebook included)

Don’t you just love this time of year? So many people are full of hope and greater expectations of a better life – next year. Things will be different they say, next year. And off they run to make a list of New Year resolutions. A short lived list, but the intentions are good. For

Are You Living an Awesome Life? (And a free ebook for you)

Many people dream about living an awesome life…a life where they are in control…a life that is on their terms. A life they see those ‘other, fortunate folk’ living. You know who they are (If you aren’t living yours yet). They are the people whose car is on the drive when you leave for work

Old Habits Can (and do) Indeed Die Hard

You know, when we go through a period of improvement it means changing some old habits and replacing them with new ones. Now the brain has many comparisons made to it being like that of a computer. You have probably heard of these analogies. For example, your brain pumps out the information you program into it;