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New Year

Don’t you just love this time of year? So many people are full of hope and greater expectations of a better life – next year. Things will be different they say, next year. And off they run to make a… Continue Reading →

Are You Looking to the Stars for 2016?

With 2016 getting nearer and nearer I see a lot of people looking to the stars for guidance on how 2016 is going to pan out for them. Well, I say guidance, it’s more about searching for what they want… Continue Reading →

Do You Need to Draw a Line in the Sand?

So how has this year gone for you? What about 2014? Or the year before that? Were you, or have you, been drifting through life, getting the same old useless and frustrating results? So when are you going to draw… Continue Reading →

What’s Happening Next?

This year has flown by. I don’t about you, but the months just seemed to have nicely disappeared. They are now in the past. They cannot be changed. What can be changed though is what happens in the months to… Continue Reading →

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