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My purpose in life has changed. It is only a subtle change, but what I believe is a powerful personal shift. This seismic shift has been brewing for some time. I have felt an inner pull to do my best… Continue Reading →

7 Inspirational Quotes To Think About

Do you read inspirational quotes? I do. Some are good reminders for me, others can lift me emotionally while still more boost my belief or confidence. When I stumble across a good quote it usually works out that the quote… Continue Reading →

How to Stay Fully Motivated More of The Time

How often have you said or thought to yourself, I will do this task or that job when I am feeling motivated? I know it used to happen to me a lot, especially when it came to writing my book…. Continue Reading →

(Vis. Podcast) 3 Things That Stump People From Getting Started

Today, I am replying to 3 common “reasons” that prevent people from getting started on their business or from following their dreams. This was in response to a survey I conducted on my Facebook Page The reasons are as follows:… Continue Reading →

Should You be Doing This Now?

It’s the 1st December already. ‘Tis the season to be jolly as the great Christmas carol goes. It is also the season to be doing something else that is also as important as being jolly. Before I go into that,… Continue Reading →

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