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Mind Coach

You may have heard that the natural tendency for most minds is to place limits on we what we can do and achieve. When the mind is full of doubt, uncertainty, fear and mostly negative this is heightened. The other… Continue Reading →

3 Powerful MindShifting Techniques to Increase Performance

When those eight super athletes line up on the starting grid for the 100m the difference in physical ability between them is miniscule. 100th’s of a second will be the margin of who takes gold and who trails in 4th…. Continue Reading →

I Write the Songs The Whole World Doesn’t Sing

I have two hobbies. One of them is creating my own Marvel super heroes. I give them powers, abilities and stories. Although it sounds a little hippyish, I get lost in myself when I spend time doing that. My other… Continue Reading →

Keep Believing in Yourself and Your Dreams (No Matter What Life is Throwing at You)

As we enter December it dawns on me that we are nearing the end of another year. A whole 12 months-365 days-would have been and gone, that time never to be replaced. What has been done or said or not… Continue Reading →

21 Inspiring and Favourite Quotes (And a cautionary word)

I love inspirational quotes and sayings. They can give you that little boost from time to time I guess. Personally, I only think they work if you really wire them into your nervous system. Does that make sense? In other… Continue Reading →

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