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When I am surfing around the web or on social media, like you, I come across a lot of meme’s on relationships. Some of these wits of wisdom are wonderful and inspiring. Others kind of irk me for a few… Continue Reading →

An Emotional Plea to Absent Father’s and to the Kids of Absent Father’s

This is a personal plea┬áto all absent Father’s out there and also to the children of those Fathers who are not in your life.┬áThis is not a ‘finger pointing’ message to appoint blame at an absent Father. Neither is it… Continue Reading →

Connections and Affinities (And ‘Man-Flu’ is Real)

7 years ago almost to the day my brother passed away, his life cut tragically short. Yesterday would have been his birthday. He would have been 58. It only seems like yesterday that he was here. And only like a… Continue Reading →

How an Old Memory Reminds Me How Precious Time Is

Unless we are unfortunate to be struck by tragedy or premature illness we all have one thing more or less in common with each other. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or want to be; whether you are rich… Continue Reading →

(Video) You are Destined for Great Things…Are you going to do them?

I believe we all have God given talents. I believe there is something we all can do that nobody else can do quite like us. In this latest video blog I explain why we should give them a shot.  … Continue Reading →

The 12 Secret Laws of Attraction They Failed to Tell You (Law #12, Love)

Today I am posting an extract from my upcoming online course, The 12 Secret Laws of Attraction They Failed to Tell You. This short extract is from Law # 12, We Must Use More Love. I will be blogging in… Continue Reading →

Your Absent Father Loves You – Happy Fathers Day

I have written this blog with as much sensitivity as I can. Why? To protect some people who are still living and in honor of those who have passed. I have truly forgiven them and since learned that we all… Continue Reading →

21 Things You Don’t Know About Me (And probably don’t care to know)

Is this a lazy blog? I don’t know I will let you decide. But having seen a few other bloggers do it I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot…however, these are mainly my own… Continue Reading →

9 Things Guys Should Not Do On Valentines Day

With Valentines day just around the corner, I thought I would take a light hearted look at ways us guys can kill the passion and ruin what could, and should, be a romantic day filled with luuurve. Well guys first… Continue Reading →

Was Your Dad AWOL When You Were Growing Up?

It’s father’s day today. A great day if you are a dad or if your Dad is still around. We should recognise our Dad’s every day or as often as we can but I suppose this day, like Mother’s Day,… Continue Reading →

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