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WHY You Should be Mindful of Who You Consistently Hang Around With

When I was selling timeshare in the late 80’s and early 90’s we had a procedure called the “Coffee Grabber” . It was psychologically designed to add the powerful emotion of curiosity, raise interest levels and get the prospects minds thinking about holiday’s. It went like something like this “Now while I go to get

What I observe When I am Out and About (And in homes)

As you know I am a mind coach; I like to know what is going on in people’s minds. To get a feel for people I like to observe. Some of my close friends think that I am psychic but I am not. I have just watched people since the age of about 4…probably earlier.

Why Some People Will Never Make a Hearty Six Figure Income (or beyond)

I am quite popularly known as The Mind Coach-the guy who kick-starts lives and businesses. I quite often look at myself as the guy you come see first. I eliminate the mental blocks that are holding you back and preventing you from even getting started, which in a lot of cases is the most difficult aspect.

6 Lessons from an Amazing 81 Year Old Woman

I read recently that people who watch a lot of TV are generally less happy than someone who watches less. Well, it wasn’t just the amount of TV watched that makes the difference according to the study, but the fact that the viewer who is in control of what they watch tend to be happier.

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