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I am Going Through Hard Times – And This is What I Do

Have you ever reached a point where you ask yourself, ‘What’s life all about? What is the meaning of it all? What’s my purpose here?’ And have you ever asked this, or something similar, with a negative undertone because things… Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

‘A picture paints a thousand words’ as the saying goes. I guess some pictures do exactly that. For me I look at it the other way round. Why? because words are my living (Well, a big part of it). I… Continue Reading →

No Regrets – They Just Aren’t Worth It

As I near the glorious and marvelous age of 54 I remember, like it was yesterday, when I was a 20 something whipper-snapper thinking I was invincible; that there was no rush to do anything because I had all the time in… Continue Reading →

Would You Like an Answer to Your Current Challenge? The Awesome Coach Will Answer!

Are You Struggling to Create or Live Your Awesome Life? Is there something holding you back? Are you facing a challenge, dilemma or problem and struggling to find an answer? Are you frustrated with this obstacle? Do you think this… Continue Reading →

How to Beat Procrastination – Instantly (And start getting what you want)

A young student approached his Master as he walked next to the river as the sun was rising. “Master,”  he enquired rather nonchalantly, “I want the knowledge and wisdom you have. How do I get it?” The wise master grabbed… Continue Reading →

Expectations – Toxic or Magic?

We all have them, but are they poisonous to the mind and our life or are they awe-inspiring? If you look at what the majority think, by the amount of terrifying memes shared on social media, expectations are never to be… Continue Reading →

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