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The Law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work (part 1)

The Law of Attraction has been popularised in recent years by books, DVD’s and gurus alike, yet it is nothing new. In fact the first accounts of using it by its other name, creative visualization, first appeared in the Bible. It is said creative visualization was used in ancient Greece, Egypt and Tibet quite often.

43 Things I Have Learned About Life

Today I thought I would share with you some of what I have learned in life over my 50 years of studying it. No biggie explanations like I normally would, just a numbered list. People are capable of achieving so much more than they think they can It’s not about the winning, the taking part

Lessons I Have Learned From Four Marriages

This is a candid account of what I have learned about what makes a marriage fail. Well, what made mine fail anyway. I may well expand on this deeper and turn it into a book, I just don’t know. What I do know is I thought about not writing about this. I will tell you now,

You’ll Like This Blog…Not a Lot…But You’ll Like It

This week a great entertainer passed away. From the world of magic we lost UK magician, Paul Daniels. He dominated our TV screens in the 80’s and 90’s. At one time, his show, simply called, The Paul Daniels Magic Show, captivated one third of the UK population. Yes, every Saturday night, one third of the

Are You Getting Frustrated Often Enough?

‘Frustration’ what a powerful word that is. Think about it for a moment or two. I am quite sure you have experienced it too. I certainly hope so. (Yes, I said, hope so) Here is one part of an online dictionary explanation of the word: A feeling of dissatisfaction often accompanied by anxiety or depression,

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