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10 Things Happy People Refuse to Do

Everybody on the planet wants to be happy right? Research suggests that around 40% of our happiness is under our control and the rest is determined by outside factors. I disagree with this number because I still think we can… Continue Reading →

How to Be Happy – And We all Want Happiness!

We all want to be happy right? Happy with what we have in life and happy in our careers, business and relationships. Well, today I am going to regurgitate what has already been said about happiness. However, sometimes a different… Continue Reading →

The Day I Nearly Hanged Myself – How I Beat Depression

About 10 or 11 years ago now, a time that actually seems like eons ago, I was diagnosed and ‘labelled’ with severe depression. If I ever look back at those memories, and I do sporadically, it is like watching an… Continue Reading →

Is Happiness Really Just a Matter of Choice?

There was a period in my life, probably about 20 years or more if I am honest with myself, whereby I was grumpy in the morning. Every morning. From the moment I got up to about 1pm. I was awful… Continue Reading →

Your Absent Father Loves You – Happy Fathers Day

I have written this blog with as much sensitivity as I can. Why? To protect some people who are still living and in honor of those who have passed. I have truly forgiven them and since learned that we all… Continue Reading →

What I observe When I am Out and About (And in homes)

As you know I am a mind coach; I like to know what is going on in people’s minds. To get a feel for people I like to observe. Some of my close friends think that I am psychic but… Continue Reading →

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