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Gain 79 Hours a Month and Increase Your Productivity x10 (At least)

There are lots of distractions around. But I think life has always had stuff that lead people away from their goals. I really don’t think that much has changed over time. Why? Because lots of people look for excuses as… Continue Reading →

This is NOT the Time to Evaluate Anything in Your Life

Picture this… It is only 11am and nothing has gone right for you so far, starting with a petty argument over breakfast with your other half that has blown up out of all proportion. On the way to work you… Continue Reading →

How to Increase Happiness and Your Chances of Success

Would you like to instantly fill your happiness tank and greatly increase your chances of success? If you would, then please read on… Where will you be this time next year and what does that time look, feel and sound like to… Continue Reading →

How to Beat Procrastination – Instantly (And start getting what you want)

A young student approached his Master as he walked next to the river as the sun was rising. “Master,”  he enquired rather nonchalantly, “I want the knowledge and wisdom you have. How do I get it?” The wise master grabbed… Continue Reading →

The Fisherman, The Entrepreneur and a Lesson in Life (Quick Read)

Once upon a time there was a fisherman who lived on a peaceful island. Every day he would get up early sail out a short distance, get his catch, come back to shore at about 11am, sell his fish, and then… Continue Reading →

The 12 Secret Laws of Attraction (They Failed to Tell You)

Have you ever tried the Law of Attraction? Did you fail to ‘manifest’ 30k in 30 days? Did you fail to get that brand new car, the house or start your successful business? Like thousands I have asked on my… Continue Reading →

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