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If I Could Live My Life Again

This is quite a difficult post to write today. Why? because I have blogged before about not holding regrets as they don’t do you any good whatsoever. And this blog is about if I could live my life again…and the… Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work (Final post)

So, we have reached the end of the series. This is the final part and here I will cover the final 4 Laws that will reprogramme your mind for more success and happiness. Law #9 talks specifically about what to… Continue Reading →

The 12 Laws of Attraction That Can Change Your Life

Did you know you can change your life? Do you believe that anything is possible? Do you know you are not destined or born to live a life of unhappiness, failed relationships and little money? If you do believe that then… Continue Reading →

Anything Really Is Possible (What do you believe?)

My mantra, a saying I firmly believe in is, Anything really IS possible. I have this as a well-formed belief if you like. I remind myself of it on a regular basis; it inspires me. Many people have trouble believing… Continue Reading →

Show Me the Money!

Cuba Gooding Jr’s character does a funny and great job of getting Tom Cruise to shout, “Show me the money!” down the phone in the film, Jerry MçGuire. Money…something I believe virtually everyone wants more of. “If only I had more… Continue Reading →

Could this be a Major Cause of Your Procrastination?

“I will do it tomorrow” How many times have you said that? And tomorrow soon turns into a few days, next week, next month and next year. And in some extreme cases, never. Yes I am talking about that popular… Continue Reading →

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