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Hello and Welcome, Frustration

Quick Thoughts on Suffering Some Frustration I have been suffering some frustration this past week or so. Why? because as some of you may know I have changed the theme of my site. I am not used to the layout,… Continue Reading →

Introducing “Mind Bytes” Quick Reads (More than a Doh Moment)

Well for anyone who regularly follows my blog posts you will know that some take a good 5 minutes to read. Now most of you don’t mind this and have come to quite like them (Judging by the emails I receive,… Continue Reading →

Are You Getting Frustrated Often Enough?

‘Frustration’ what a powerful word that is. Think about it for a moment or two. I am quite sure you have experienced it too. I certainly hope so. (Yes, I said, hope so) Here is one part of an online… Continue Reading →

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