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Uncertainty Can Cause Fear and Worry – How to Get Through It

There are times in business and life, when uncertainty can take hold of you. And sometimes, by the throat. For instance, you may hear news of an imminent new law that will greatly affect your business turnover for the worst. Or you may hear of redundancies within your company caused by technology and wonder if

The Fear of Success What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

We have all heard of the term, fear of failure and I’m sure an equal amount of you have often heard the term, fear of success bashed around office walls on a regular basis too. But have you ever thought why anyone should be fearful of success? Isn’t success what we are all after? And

Are You Ever Bothered About What Others Think of You?

A common fear of some people, probably a lot of people, is what others think of them. Being wrapped up with what we presume other people may well be thinking about us can be paralysing for some. It literally stops them from chasing dreams, taking risks, starting that new business, changing jobs or simply prevents

Last Week, I Got Scared

Yes, last week I got spooked. Now before you go off wondering if I was watching a re-run of The Grudge (That did scare me by the way), no I wasn’t. I rarely watch horror movies these days. No, what caused the fright was last week I made a major decision that has inflicted colossal

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