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If You Knew the Date of Your Death

Last night I watched a heart-wrenching¬†programme on BBC 2 called, A Time to Live. It was about death but more about life. Let me clarify that. It was a documentary about 12 people who had been diagnosed with a terminal… Continue Reading →

The # 1 Killer in Men Under 50 and Can Coaching Help?

I watched a very emotional programme on BBC1 last night called, Life After Suicide. A very brave woman who lost her husband to this awful tragedy, travelled the country talking to other family members who were trying to come to… Continue Reading →

One Day, Believe it or Not, You Are Going to Die

Death isn’t usually a topic I write about.¬†The mere mention of the word usually makes minds wander, rooms empty pretty quickly and change of subject matter happens at lightening speed. I mean, what’s positive about death? Well, everything. Bear with… Continue Reading →

Connections and Affinities (And ‘Man-Flu’ is Real)

7 years ago almost to the day my brother passed away, his life cut tragically short. Yesterday would have been his birthday. He would have been 58. It only seems like yesterday that he was here. And only like a… Continue Reading →

How Negative Thinking can be Positive

As my subscribers, fellow bloggers and friends know only too well, I am all for positive thinking. I am often blogging on how to think, what to say and how to behave in a positive manner. But there is one… Continue Reading →

Killing Time

Flying back from a successful weekend seminar in Singapore recently I arrived at the gate extra early. I am always early when flying off somewhere, but I am not usually that early in the lounge area. I sat there thinking… Continue Reading →

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