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The Law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work (Final post)

So, we have reached the end of the series. This is the final part and here I will cover the final 4 Laws that will reprogramme your mind for more success and happiness. Law #9 talks specifically about what to… Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work (Part 4)

Well, we are at the penultimate post of this series of blogs about reprogramming your mind, or creating habits that will get you more success and happiness. I have put these under the Law of Attraction…but there isn’t a single… Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work (Part 3)

So now we are into part 3 of the series. Remember, I would rather you view these 12 Laws as more of a guide to reconditioning your mind to get what you want. I titled this series The law of… Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work (Part 2)

This is part two of my ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction. There are actually twelve laws to getting what you want, which I shall be covering from tomorrow. In yesterday’s introduction, I said that I don’t like the… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Life (Or Reclaim your success)

Many years ago, I was drifting. I wasn’t ambitious and I was going from one dead-end job to another barely staying in one for more than 6 months. From a carpet warehouse¬†dude to a pot washer; from cleaning offices to… Continue Reading →

The 12 Laws of Attraction That Can Change Your Life

Did you know you can change your life? Do you believe that anything is possible? Do you know you are not destined or born to live a life of¬†unhappiness, failed relationships and little money? If you do believe that then… Continue Reading →

The 12 Secret Laws of Attraction (They Failed to Tell You)

Have you ever tried the Law of Attraction? Did you fail to ‘manifest’ 30k in 30 days? Did you fail to get that brand new car, the house or start your successful business? Like thousands I have asked on my… Continue Reading →

If You Have One of These You Might Want to Tear it Down (I’m recommending it)

Last Saturday I was in my element, my zone, my working utopia. When I am in that beautiful place, time flows by with no regrets. What was I doing? Conducting a seminar to inspire others to achieve their goals, dreams… Continue Reading →

A Blog About Nothing…in Particular

Well, my fellow bloggers, friends and followers (And I say that humbly) its been a couple of weeks since my last post. Unusual for me in all honesty. Since I have set up this blog, some 12 months ago or… Continue Reading →

How to Visualize. Successfully. Law # 4

In this, the last Law of successful visualization, we look at the critical ingredient to making visualization work for you in your life. It is unfortunately the one Law that seems to frighten a lot of people. There seems to… Continue Reading →

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