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you are never too old to chase your dreams

When Is ‘Old’ Too Old To Chase Your Dreams?

When are we too old to chase our dreams, start a new business, change careers, write a book, become an actor or actress, set a sporting record or whatever else takes our fancy? As a mind coach I have to say that whatever number follows your name this will only stop you from trying something new,

One Day, Believe it or Not, You Are Going to Die

Death isn’t usually a topic I write about. The mere mention of the word usually makes minds wander, rooms empty pretty quickly and change of subject matter happens at lightening speed. I mean, what’s positive about death? Well, everything. Bear with me and you might see what I mean. Unless of course you are deciding to

How Many Productive Years do You Have Left? ( You may be surprised)

I am a somewhat inquisitive person especially when it comes to people. I watch human interaction all the time. Sometimes, I can be accused of staring when I am actually studying or nosey when I am eavesdropping on conversations in cafes or restaurants. It all comes with what I love to do; help people change

Is Age Really Just a Number?

Wow, it has been nigh on 9 days since my last blog. Why? Simply because this last week or so I have been doing what I love…creating two new products. Once I get wrapped up in that, time seems to go quickly. How this week has flown by got me thinking about time in general and

7 Excuses to Eliminate from Your Life

You either have your results or you have reasons for no results. I call them excuses. Here are 7 of those pesky excuses you can eliminate from your life right now so that you can get better results-or more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Of course, if you are

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