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5 Life Questions I Want to Answer Well When I’m 94

Today I projected myself into my future life; my retirement at 94. It was a fun and if I am honest, quite a scary exercise, picturing myself at 94. Why? because life seems to be passing more quickly now I… Continue Reading →

When are we too old to chase our dreams, start a new business, change careers, write a book, become an actor or actress, set a sporting record or whatever else takes our fancy? As a mind coach I have to… Continue Reading →

One Day, Believe it or Not, You Are Going to Die

Death isn’t usually a topic I write about.┬áThe mere mention of the word usually makes minds wander, rooms empty pretty quickly and change of subject matter happens at lightening speed. I mean, what’s positive about death? Well, everything. Bear with… Continue Reading →

How Many Productive Years do You Have Left? ( You may be surprised)

I am a somewhat inquisitive person especially when it comes to people. I watch human interaction all the time. Sometimes, I can be accused of staring when I am actually studying or nosey when I am eavesdropping on conversations in… Continue Reading →

Is Age Really Just a Number?

Wow, it has been nigh on 9 days since my last blog. Why? Simply because this last week or so I have been doing what I love…creating two new products. Once I get wrapped up in that, time seems to… Continue Reading →

7 Excuses to Eliminate from Your Life

You either have your results or you have reasons for no results. I call them excuses. Here are 7 of those pesky excuses you can eliminate from your life right now so that you can get better results-or more of… Continue Reading →

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