Do you have goals, dreams and ambitions? I certainly hope so. As the saying rightly goes, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”. Life becomes a lot less meaningful if we don’t have something to aim for in my opinion. Why? Because as you may well know, it is not always the goal itself and whether we reach it, but who we become, what we learn and how we grow trying to get to the goal that matters most.

Isn’t that why we are here? To learn and grow? And harness our talents and share them with our fellow human beings? I certainly think so.

So okay, back to the subject at hand. The great hotelier J. W. Marriott once said, “Success can be boring”. What he means by this is that there is a lot of time and effort put into attaining what we want; and it’s not by doing all the stuff that makes us want to cartwheel everywhere with excitement that brings that success. There are the ‘dreaded tasks’ we have to do, the mundane little things that aren’t necessarily what one could call, highly enjoyable. And then there is that thing we call time. The commodity that a lot of gurus out there don’t want you to know about and instead pump out 7 day messages for this and that.

A Lot of Guru’s recognise the thoughts and feelings of the general public which are: 

Most people don’t want to know that success takes time.

Success takes time and I think Marriott was also referring to that too within his quote. Today I think it is more relevant than ever before as the internet can make one feel that everything happens at a rapid pace-including success. But the simple truth of the matter is, in virtually every case, it doesn’t apply to success. Success cannot be achieved instantly.

Now I am a mind coach. I coach people to get more success and happiness. I get instant results with some clients, even in a group seminar. But that is by changing their state of mind, or perception or attitude to events and circumstances. That is like clearing the road they are on of some the major potholes that could derail their journey (And therefore get them to where they are going faster than it would have taken them otherwise).

But success still takes time. You may well be thinking that there are internet masters who get instant success. Maybe there are, but they are rare, very rare indeed. Windows took about 7 years to get right with many people working on it. Twitter was about the same time in the making and so was Google I think. Certainly, their founders put in a lot of “boring” work, effort and time before they became successful or before their businesses were.

The great Warren Buffett was once asked the secret to his mega success. I think his reply was quite simply, “One step at a time” (Or something very similar anyway).

success is possible

Success can take time to materialise

Even those seemingly “Overnight pop sensations” in the majority of cases, have put in the time with no success. They have been singing since an early age. Singing away in their bedrooms whilst friends were out playing.

So remember, if you are trying to achieve something, give it time. Put in the donkey work. What we do before we achieve the success is what counts. Keep striving forwards. If you put in the time, graft and hone your skills it will come. Be patient. I see, read and hear of people giving up too soon because they expect success to be faster than what it is or what it usually takes. They aren’t prepared to plant the roots and then water them, nurture them and tend to them. They expect their seeds to bear fruit too soon.

And as I said on my facebook page just the other day @ #TheMindCoach,

I don’t like to make comparisons, because I set my own benchmarks. However, quite often when we are starting on our journey to success, we compare ourselves and our progress, with people in our field who are already successful. If you have to make comparisons, make them with those same people when they were at the same stage as you are now. You will see that you are probably at the same level as they were.

Yes, I do this to remind myself that success can, and does, take time. The years I have studied people, the hundreds, possibly thousands of hours spent in cafes and a myriad of other public places watching people. The thousands of books I have read and continue to read. This time has been well spent. The time was going to pass anyway. And so it will with you.

It is what you do in that waiting period of time that matters most and what will determine if you finally achieve what you want.