The time to take action on your dreams is now; not next week, next month or next year, but now.

Not even tomorrow, but now. Today, as you read this you can make a firm decision, a commitment to start doing.

Why now? Because the clock is ticking. The same clock that ticks away for everyone else.

Tick tock.

There are many people who think about their dreams. They think an awful about them and probably a lot more than they will openly admit.

There are other people who talk about starting their dream business, entering a talent competition, switching jobs, moving house or creating an online Vlog. They talk a lot about what they want.

If you fall into one of these two categories then maybe it is time for you to stop thinking about it, stop talking about it and take some action – start the doing part of what you want.

That clock is ticking.

Tick tock.

One Day I woke Up and Suddenly Found I was 56…

That day is today. Well, as I write this I haven’t been to bed yet but still, it is 12.43am on the 27th May and I am 56.

Earlier, I was reading a book and it said on one of its pages, “Life has a sting in the tail. Life is shorter than we expect”

Now I have had an eventful life and have achieved many of my wildest dreams. From massive incomes to international travel to working my way up to CEO level to getting a book published.

But life still feels like it has flown by.

This awareness that I am now 56 has accelerated my urgency to do more of what I love. I have felt this way for a few weeks now which is why I only blogged very recently about recreating yourself.

(Yes, some of my blogs are as much for me as they are for other people)

And for you, whatever age you are now, that clock is ticking too. Silently, your time is passing you by.

Tick tock.

Action is Key

By taking action now, you won’t regret it. Not ever. You see you can think and talk all you like about what you want – but it is only the action that will get you there.

Yes you have to think about how you are going to get there – that’s called planning. You also have to think positively and optimistically too…but you must act.

It’s good to talk about what we want too, especially to ourselves. Telling ourselves we can do it, we can get there, we are confident and other pep talks, is a crucial part of a winning strategy.

But it’s all about the action we take.

Procrastination is usually disguising the real reason we don’t take action

One day a great woman came to see me. She had been thinking lots about starting her own training company. She had spoken about it at length with colleagues and friends for a long time.

Her thinking and talking had gone on for almost 18 months. She even had detailed plans about who she would train, how she would get customers, everything.

But she hadn’t taken action. Nothing. She had been procrastinating big time.

Now as a coach I knew that procrastination was just her surface excuse. Below that was another reason. There almost always is when I meet clients who say they are ‘suffering procrastination’.

In this young, bright woman’s case it was personal confidence and fear of what her family would think about her, as they wanted her to stay as an accountant.

She was afraid to take the action necessary to get what she wanted.

Once we overcame these two barriers, she took action.

Within 3 months she had published her Ebook in a local bookstore e-platform, had 3 training clients and was charging treble what she thought she could when she was lacking in self-confidence.

Every day for 3 months she took action – sometimes it was BIG steps other times very small ones. But she acted every day towards what she wanted. And she surprised herself.

Tick tock.

For you, unless you already have some plans in place, it may take you a little longer than 3 months to get what you want. It might take you six months to land that dream job, move to another country, start that business and get your first clients.

Time tiptoes silently passed us

But that six months will pass faster than you might think. And, that time is going to pass anyway…whether you take action or not.

Seriously, take the action now, today, to get what you want or be or do what you want.

Times Have Changed

The internet has levelled the playing field. I can’t see what reason for not taking action to getting what you want.

There is information to getting what you want at the touch of your fingertips.

With technology you can have clients anywhere in the world. Opinions have changed. You can be who you want, dress like you want, work where you want – anything is possible and more things are possible for almost anyone…

Like never before.

The only thing that is stopping you – is you. When I say that, I mean there will be some fear lurking in the background, telling you can’t or mustn’t do or be who you want.

Get a good coach and discover what is stopping you from starting. It doesn’t have to be me and besides, there are plenty of coaches at the swipe of your iphone or android.

Lots of the tools you need to do what you want are readily available for free.

So get starting. Take action as soon as you can. You might not end up exactly where you want to go. You may finish at S and not Z. But S could be a great place to end up? And I am sure it will be better than where you are now.

Like anything else we set out to do, it is the journey, the personal growth and who we become in pursuit of our goals that matters the most – and not necessarily the exact attainment of the goal.

Remember, that clock – your clock – my clock – is ticking.

Tick tock.

Featured Image by Eugene Shelestov