Now before you think otherwise, this is not a pro-Donald Trump post. I am a neutral regarding USA politics, much like I am with British politics. No, this is a post about you and your mind.

Social media is awash with negativity right now and in the UK, Brexit is also causing much of this too.

I am seeing posts galore about how now Trump is President the “world is going to the dogs”, “God help us all”, “WW3 will be starting soon”, “I need a nuclear shelter to be built – quickly”,  “The world stock markets are going to crash” “We are going to enter into the worst depression we have ever seen”

And there is far more. I will leave out the posts by the trolls and the bitter people that attack Trump personally. But I am sure you have woken up to this negativity and more.

It doesn’t matter who is President, whether we are in Europe or out, or what the economy does or doesn’t do

Many years ago I was selling timeshare during a recession. A colleague who worked in another office came up to see me during the hard times. He was struggling to sell and was frustrated. I asked him what was stopping him from getting sales.

He went on to unleash his frustration and bitterness at the state of the economy. “Nobody can afford to spend money on holidays Rob. We are in a recession and we are selling a luxury item they probably can’t use until next year. So I can understand why they won’t buy”

I could empathise with his frustration as we worked on a commission only basis.

He asked me how I was doing. So I told him.

“I am doing great. This is my best time ever, I have never earned so much. With all this doom and gloom around the best thing people can do is get themselves away for a few weeks in the sun…and in some luxury. A holiday is just what people need right now” I exclaimed to him.

We were selling the same product. We had the same customers. We were both in the recession. But our mental attitudes were polar opposites. I could see opportunity, my colleague saw obstacles on a gigantic scale.

(I went on to have my best year ever during the recession)

You are in charge of your life’s results

Yes you. Not the president of the USA, Donald Trump; not whether we are in Europe or out of Europe. It doesn’t matter if the economy or stock markets shake and wobble; whether they are high or low. It doesn’t even matter if the economy is in freefall.

You are in control of your mind and therefore your results

And neither are your results controlled by how your boss thinks or what your wife, husband or partner think either.

You are in charge of your lifes results. Nobody and nothing else is responsible. It is a great cop out though isn’t it? “It’s not my fault, it is because of Donald Trump or Brexit”

You see, you will either have results or you will have excuses in the form of a story, of why you haven’t got those results.

Your mind and how you approach the results you desire or want is critical to you getting those results.  If this was not so, then why do some people excel in recessions and others don’t? Why do very similar businesses grow and others fail in such times?

Just pure luck? Nonsense. It is the mental resilience, flexibility, belief and confidence that takes them through such times. Traits that are quickly eroded when you get caught up in the Global Crowd’s negative thinking patterns.

If you are full of negativity and now see the world in a new, negative light, that is what you will find. Your unconscious mind will guide you accordingly. You will take actions that are congruent with your dominant unconscious thinking.

Like my colleague above, he had had a great year the year before. But his mental approach had deeply affected how he performed. He got caught up in the negativity of the crowd.

And he blamed the recession when in reality, it was within him.

Today is no different. How you see the world and recent results with the Presidency and Brexit will deeply affect the results you get in life too.

So remember, you are in control of your mind and therefore your results. Just like I am in control of my mind and therefore my results.

And lastly, whether you hate Trump or love him is neither here nor there. Take heart from it. Like when Obama came to power, Donald Trump is a great example that anything really is possible.

If you are finding these times difficult or stressful or negative or whatever, then work on your mind. Look after it and it will look after you. In any time.