There are many functions of your unconscious mind. And one of those functions is it wants what’s best for you. Anything that it deems good for you it will do for you. What it sees as being ‘good’ for you, is of course programmed into you by various means, which I won’t go into in this blog of course.

A basic human need in everyone is that we all want to be loved and accepted. A subdivision of that love of course is the inherent need to be also ‘liked’. And, that means by everyone who we meet and know. Yes, we all want to be liked.

limiting beliefs

Not all beliefs you hold are true

A very basic, but good example of that need to be liked is facebook. Just think of that buzz you get when one of your status updates or posts gets an extra 20 or 30 ‘likes’. I would bet you log on more frequently during the course of the day to see the numbers increasing don’t you? Oh that sense of pride when you get so many likes and comments. Reading and rereading what you eloquently put…

(Us bloggers are no different, checking the stats of our blog posts)

This basic example though highlights our need to be liked. Your need. Everyone’s need. And your unconscious mind is working silently in the background to ensure this need is met. It will do whatever it can to prove you are liked and to fulfil your beliefs.

On my seminars I challenge the participants limiting beliefs about many things and help them change them into more empowering beliefs that will serve them instead of hindering them. Some of the biggest limiting beliefs people possess are about money. So I like to challenge these first.

A limiting belief can be something that you believe to be true but is not necessarily so

I ask the attendee’s to write down what they think about rich people and then when they have done that, what they think about really rich people (These are just two ways I challenge them, I do more than this). I ask them to write a few words down, the first that pop into their minds are usually the best because they will be the more accurate.

So many people (Who, as a general rule, aren’t rich themselves or are struggling to make ends meet) come out with some detrimental and oftentimes, scathing words or phrases about rich or wealthy people. This nastiness get’s worse when I ask them what they think about those really rich folk out there.

Some answers are, “Nasty” “Horrible people” “Selfish” “All con merchants” “Just Lucky” “Cheats, liars” and so on and so on. I will then challenge all these of course.

Until they change these limiting beliefs I explain, they won’t really ever get more money. Not on a more permanent basis anyway. Why? Because of the need to be liked. Remember, your unconscious mind wants what is best for you, depending on how you (And outside influences) have conditioned it about what to believe.

For example, due to the ingrained need to be liked, if you view rich people as ‘Horrible’ or ‘Nasty’ or ‘Selfish’ or anything else that’s negative, then it is going to prevent you from becoming rich or getting more money because being rich is associated with something negative or an unlikeable character trait.

Think about it. Do you want to be known as selfish, nasty, horrible, a cheat, a liar or such traits? Of course you don’t. You want to be liked. So your unconscious mind in its infinite wisdom, will keep you safe and secure and make sure you aren’t known as a ‘bad person’ which getting more money will make you, according to your unconscious mind and the limiting belief it holds.

Your unconscious mind is simply the prover of your persistent thoughts.

So if you want to accumulate more money than you are currently earning or have, then I recommend you start by challenging what you really think about those wonderful rich folk. And the really, really rich. Write down a few words for each group.

Then challenge anything that is negative or reflects a trait that means you could be viewed as not being ‘liked’ or a likeable person, that are negative. Put those beliefs on trial. Question them. Are they really true? I would ask you, “How do you know that?” Do they apply to every rich woman or man in the whole wide world? Are you sure?

As I said, with money especially, there could be other underlying limiting beliefs in your unconscious mind that may need to be challenged. But because of our need to be loved and accepted and liked, this is a great start if you want to earn or accumulate more money.

The breakthroughs we have on my Mind Coaching seminars at the Mind Coaching Academy are powerful. And they release and banish deep rooted limiting beliefs on a variety of topics that are holding them back from their dreams. And it all happens within minutes. It gets very emotional at times and other times quite heated. It’s the way the mind works when it is challenged.

All wonderful stuff though and one of the many reasons I love doing what I do.