Friday spells the last day of the week for most people. So how do you feel about it? Are you full of relief that the week is over? Glad to be away from The Boss and some of your work colleagues for a couple of days?

And have you been looking forward to the weekend since last Monday?

I see so many posts on social media saying #TGIF and I hear a lot of comments on the radio about it how fantastic you must all be feeling because it is Friday. Now I understand this feeling to a degree if you are having special friends over at the weekend or you have a wedding to attend or some other kind of event.

I can also appreciate it if you have been working extra hard, had a stressful week or are just looking to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

But aren’t most people looking forward to it so much because it is some much wanted, and probably needed, respite from their horrible job, a bossy boss or work colleagues they can’t stand the sight of?

I think it is. According to a recent article I read about 74% of the population are unhappy in their job! 74%!! That’s a lot of people.

I admire them, I really do. I think their tenacity and patience must be sky high. I just couldn’t do it. Work in a job I hated I mean. Don’t get me wrong, desperate times can call for desperate measures, and I have done jobs that I can’t stand too. But they were temporary. Stepping stones to something better, brighter and what I wanted to do.

I remember once working in a factory where I was putting cherries on cakes from 5am to 4pm, 6 days a week. Now, that was a desperate time. To say it was mind numbing is an understatement. When I spoke to some of the staff I asked them how long they had been there. One guy told me twelve years!

Twelve years!

He saw my shock and horror. He went on to tell me (justify) that it was good banter there, nice working conditions and that if I just gave it a month, I would get “used to it too” like a lot of the other workers who had also been there a number of years.

But he possessed some great skills and once dreamed of owning his own business. But that job had just sucked all the ambition out of him.

I stayed two weeks.

I guess it’s amazing what we can all “get used to” right?

So are you “used to doing” what you do? Wake up! If you are in a job you hate start looking at how you can change it. Maybe you need  a shot of self-confidence? Maybe you need your spark re-igniting? But look at escaping. Don’t simply get “used to it”. You deserve, and can do, much better.

Think of all the time you spend at work including the commute – it’s all time. Why spend your life waking up with dread each morning? Why wish it away every week looking forward so much to Friday? And worse still, why wish your years away anticipating your annual holidays every other day?

You are capable of more than you think. Start looking today at how you can make changes. Don’t stay in a job you loathe, or just because you are “used to it”.

Some people say they put up with their boring, awful job because of the money.

I couldn’t do it. I would rather have less material things and downgrade my standard of living than sacrifice my self-worth and happiness.

Find what you are good at, what you are passionate about and see if there are any openings there or if you can start your own business from a hobby or personal interest. You just never know.

Robert is a published author, NLP Practitioner, Timeline™ Therapist and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). If you would like a personal coaching breakthrough session with Robert (Whilst he has a discount on) please go here