Show Me the Money!

Cuba Gooding Jr’s character does a funny and great job of getting Tom Cruise to shout, “Show me the money!” down the phone in the film, Jerry MçGuire.

Money…something I believe virtually everyone wants more of. “If only I had more money…things would be different.” How often have you heard that?

more doesnt mean happiness

Are you purely focused on money?

But should money be the # 1 focus in life? It might not be yours, but I am sure you know people around you who are always looking at how they can make more, get more…accumulate more of it. I know I do. I know people in business who are only focused on how much they can make.

I was once like this many years ago. I ended up earning more than I had ever done before. I left the job prematurely much to the shock of many of my colleagues. “How can you leave a job that pays so much Rob? Are you nuts? Are you out of your mind?” they would ask in disbelief.

I left because I felt empty inside. Like hollow man.

Now of course money is important as it is a tool by which we live. It is needed to buy essentials and to survive. I also do not view cash as something evil; and neither do I dislike anyone who earns millions or even billions. I also don’t believe money can buy you happiness. And on the other side of the coin, money also doesn’t buy unhappiness. Money is just a tool. Simple as that.

Somebody wise once said, “I don’t know of any situation I have been placed in where having money made it worse”.

The point I want to make in this blog though is that generally speaking most people I know who earn a great deal of money don’t seem to be purely focusing on the money. They have a bigger vision behind what they do, a purpose to help and serve others.

I just read on the BBC of the first female self-made billionaire (According to Forbes) Elizabeth Holmes who is just 30 years old. Did she make her money by solely focusing on that? Here is what she had to say: (Source BBC website)

Elizabeth Holmes is convinced that she is on a big mission: “The beginning was what I could do to make a change in the world.

“To affect people’s lives in a meaningful way.”

You see? This incredible woman wanted to make a difference in the world. She had a grand vision. A purpose to what she does.

Many other successful and incredibly happy people also have this same kind of vision and purpose. And they are passionate and enthusiastic about making it happen. And they are changing lives for the better whilst living that purpose.

When I see business owners who are struggling they quite often ask me, “How can you make me more money?” To which I reply along the lines of, “Well, lets see how we can dramatically increase the value you are currently giving your valued customers” (Or similar) and, “For what purpose are you in business?”

What is your Purpose? How are you trying to help and serve others? Or our beautiful planet, the environment, your local community? Are you passionate and enthusiastic about it? When are you going to start it, if you aren’t already? Or at least give it a shot?

I steadfastly believe we are all are here to serve others. And underlying that, I believe we all have something unique to give. We have some talent that we can share with the world. It may be in the form of singing, playing music, painting, inventing, teaching, nursing, cooking-anything.

Yes, even singing brings happiness to others.

What is your unique offering?

Last year I earned $30 million dollars. This year I earned $50 million dollars. I am no happier. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Earnings can be 2nd or 3rd on your list of wants. It can be first too. If you are determined enough you will no doubt earn it. I just firmly believe that it won’t bring you the happiness you may think it will. True happiness and fulfillment emanates from a sense of fulfilling and living a life with, and on purpose.

The sooner you discover what your purpose is and start living it the better it will be for others in this world.

And of course, for you.

Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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