Rob Hamilton

Rob has become known as The Speed Coach and The Mind Coach, because of how fast he climbs into peoples minds and discovers what is holding them back from achieving the results they desire.

Some have accused him of being psychic. But Rob doesn’t believe in psychics. It is down to studying people and what makes them tick that has harnessed his unique ‘gift’ of just “knowing people”.

This gift has been forged and fine tuned to an uncanny ability through 51 years of watching other people (Since he was 4). He has also studied the mind, self-development, performance and success principles for over 27 years.

It is because of this that he doesn’t have to spend hours asking his clients questions. He will instinctively know what is going on in your head (Of course he will ask you some questions) and how to fix it for you.

Rob is also a published author, NLP Practitioner (ABNLP), Timeline Therapistâ„¢, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip), world class digital copywriter and Brand Hacker for expert speakers, coaches and trainers within the self development industry.