About Rob

I am Rob Hamilton

I didn’t speak until I was almost 7 years old, but I do remember from the age of 3 or 4 that all I did was watch people. I have studied what makes us tick (And what doesn’t) become successful, live happier lives and feel fulfilled ever since.

How it Began…

After suddenly becoming ambitious at the later age of 27, after some timely intervention, I worked tirelessly for 3 years to become successful. Despite my hard work, long hours and determination, I just couldn’t increase my income or my levels of success.

Then I discovered that it was my thinking strategies that were holding me back; how I thought most of the time was stopping me from achieving what I wanted.

So I went on a quest to learn all I could about the mind, the unconscious mind and how successful, happy people think on a consistent basis.

I used self-hypnosis, subliminal recordings, affirmations and read every book I could lay my hands on about self-development for over a year, to reprogramme my mind. And it worked.

I started earning the huge income I had dreamed about, achieved the world’s best results in my work, built winning teams that never missed targets, enjoyed exotic travel and climbed the corporate ladder to the very top.

I also became an author. I spoke at the Napoleon Hill International Convention in Kuching, Malaysia and achieved so many other dreams.


I have experienced my fair share of hard knocks too. I have been homeless in my early days (Twice); lost everything financially and suffered the anguish of severe depression.

But with the right perspective, mindset and tools to get where you want to go, anything can be overcome and dreams can be once again fulfilled.

Now, I blend my 51 years of studying people with the successful mind strategies I have learned over 28 years and transform people’s lives and results within hours.

I am deeply passionate about what I do.

Some Other Things About Me

  • I am a published author (Ignite The Spark, Explode Your Results)
  • NLP Practitioner (ABNLP), Timeline Therapistâ„¢, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip)
  • Studied people for 51 years, Self Development for 28 years, the mind for 30 years
  • Achieved CEO and Group Business Director status from scratch
  • Performed Master Your Mind & inspirational Seminars in 9 different countries to thousands of people
  • Guest speaker at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention
  • Appeared on live TV, radio and appeared in many newspapers and magazines
  • Currently writing my 2nd book

Today, I do what I love. I enjoy the freedom, the personal fulfillment and the opportunity to work from anywhere I wish (Thanks to technology).

Life can be truly amazing and anything really is possible.